Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy

Solar energy is nothing but the energy that is radiated from the sun. Do you know the interesting fact that the energy that the sun gives us for one hour is sufficient to fulfill the need for energy of human beings for one year? But the sad part of the fact is that out of such huge energy given by the sun to the earth we can use only 0.001% of it.

Solar energy is the trending topic of this decade. Billionaires like Elon Musk have developed companies that are doing the work of making this energy useful with the help of solar panels.

As the energy radiated from the sun in the form of sunlight is free, people are installing solar panels to get this energy and then, convert this energy into other useful forms of energy. However, there are many limitations of using the solar panels. Many people are criticizing that solar panels installing requires huge capital as well as it is not that efficient. In this article, we will go in deep and see the benefits as well as downsides of solar energy.

Solar Energy Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of Solar Energy

1. Best Renewable Source of Energy:

Solar energy is available to us as long as the sun is available and practically speaking, it is the best alternative to all the non-renewable energy sources. Sun is not going anywhere for thousands of years, and hence solar energy will be there for those thousands of years. Do you know when the sun will be going to vanish? As per the scientists, after 5 billion years from now, sunlight will not be there. So, sunlight or solar energy is available to us for a very long period.

2. Easy Maintenance:

Solar panels that operate on solar energy are easy to maintain. Once they have set up on the roofs of your house, you don’t have to worry for almost 5 to 10 years. While keeping the maintenance of the solar panels, you have to clean them at least two times a year. So, not much cleaning is required.

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3. A large Number of Applications:

Solar energy is widely used in almost all applications. You can use it for the generation of electricity, or you can use it for heating purposes. Nowadays, transparent solar windows are there that give us flexibility. Thus, a lot of inventions are going on in the case of solar energy. As innovation and technology are going together, we can use this solar energy for various daily applications.

4. Saves Electricity Bills:

Considering the rising prices of electricity bills, solar energy is definitely a solution to save your electricity charges. You can also store a lot of amount of energy from the sun and later, it can be used for other needs. The energy from the sun is stored in the form of solar batteries.

5. Less Pollution

Have you heard the noise that turbines or generators make while power production? That’s quite a huge noise! However, due to solar cells, power production is possible without any noise. Hence, solar energy leads to power generation without noise pollution.

Though there are many advantages of solar energy, there are also some downsides to it.

Disadvantages of Solar Energy

1. High Cost:

The initial cost of setting up the solar systems is quite high. In some countries, the government helps individuals to set up such solar panels. One of such country is the UK. People often hesitate to invest their money in solar systems. The only way to overcome this high cost is the innovation in the solar systems. In the upcoming few years, the cost of their installation may reduce. It is profitable to have the solar panels only if you are thinking about them on a long-term basis so that you will have a better return on investment.

2. Effect of the Outer Environment:

As long as the sun is there, solar energy is there. Though solar cells may help you in case of rainy conditions, there is also a restriction on the efficiency of the solar cells. In rainy seasons, your solar energy system may get affected.

3. Considerable Space is Required:

To develop a solar system, space is required. You can set such solar systems on the roof of your house, on a terrace or in the ground. So, those who are living in the building or those who don’t have their land have to face various issues while setting up such a system. The more electricity you want, bigger the solar panels you required. Without having considerable space, there is no point in developing solar systems.

4. A Small Amount of Pollution may be There:

Even though it has been said that solar energy will not create any pollution, a small amount of pollution is there. While making solar cells, toxic materials like lead, gallium arsenide are used. Apart from these, while transporting solar systems, little bit pollution is created.

Are You Ready to Use Solar Energy?

So, my question to you now is that after knowing the advantages as well as disadvantages of solar energy what are you thinking? That means, are you switching to the use of solar panels or are you going with the conventional energy? These questions are quite important for all of us as a human being. Because we are a part of this environment and keeping the environment safe and non-polluted is our prime duty. Solar energy has a bright future. Considering, its flexibility and availability we must try to overcome the challenges that are keeping us away from the use of solar energy.

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