Top 5 Best Fire Extinguisher for Car of 2024


If you want to buy the best fire extinguisher for your car in 2024 then you are landed in the right place. Fire extinguishers are one of the most critical safety components that are compulsory at all places to prevent any dangerous fire breakdown. So, whether you are driving your car or going to a new home, opening a new venture, building an apartment, or many other things, a fire extinguisher must-have item on your list. It will not only make you safe during dangerous fire breakdowns, but it will also help you save various life in these unfortunate events.

This article will guide you through buying the best fire extinguisher for car according to your need, which will be best according to your application. In this article, we will discuss the features of the top best product available in the market and some factors that are to be considered while buying a fire extinguisher. So, let’s get started.

best fire extinguisher for car

List of Top 5 Best Fire Extinguishers for Cars in 2024

After going through various review articles, and YouTube videos, we have prepared the list of the best available products in the market to start with. The list is as follows:

Name of ProductImageTypeRatingPrice
1. First Alert HOME1 Rechargeable1-A: 10-B:C4.8Check Price
2. First Alert EZ Fire SprayA, B, C, K4.8Check Price
3. First Alert REC5B, C4.8Check Price
4. Amerex B402A, B, C4.8Check Price
5. Kidde FA110 Multi-Purpose1-A: 10-BC4.7Check Price

What is Fire Extinguisher- Theory and Types:

A Fire extinguisher is a fire protection device equipped with components used to control small fires, often in emergencies before the arrival of help. We can’t use it for fire types that are out of control as they are small having a small capacity of storage to prevent small fires. The product contains a hand-held cylindrical pressure vessel containing the mixture used for controlling the fire. There are some rare non-cylindrical pressure vessel-type fire extinguishers.

There are two main types- Stored Pressure and Cartridge-operated.

1. Stored Pressure:

In this type, the pressure unit, the expellant are stored in the same chamber as the extinguisher agent itself. They are the most common type of fire extinguisher.

2. Cartridge-Operated:

They have expellant gas in a separate cartridge punctured before discharge, exposing propellent to an extinguishing agent.

Apart from the type mentioned above, they can also be divided into two more types- Hand-Held type (held in hand during use), cart-mounted type (mounted on cart during use).

Fire extinguishers are rated based on the severity of the fire and their ability to control them. The fires are classified into different classes, and the product is rated according to their capability to control which type of fire. The fire classes, according to Americas, are as follows:

  • Class A- Involve combustibles such as wood, trash, or paper
  • Class B- Liquid fires that sprayed by gas, oil, or other flammable liquids
  • Class C- Spread by electrical equipment’s
  • Class D- Flammable Metals, including magnesium, titanium, and aluminum
  • Class K- Fires that stem from cooking oil and fats
AmericaEuropeanUKAustralian/AsianFuel/Heat source
Class AClass AClass AClass AOrdinary combustibles
Class BClass BClass BClass BFlammable liquids
Class CClass CClass CFlammable Gases
Class CUnclassifiedUnclassifiedClass EElectrical equipment
Class DClass DClass DClass DCombustible metals
Class KClass FClass FClass FCooking oil or fats

Different types of fire extinguishing agents are used in the product, which is as follows:

1. Dry Chemical: They are made up of small particles of potassium bicarbonate, ammonium phosphate, etc., with additives to help enhance flow and prevent fire. An extinguisher that uses ammonium phosphate is rated for class A, B, and C types of fire. Other is used for class B and C types of fires.

2. Wet Chemical: They contain water in the solution and are used for fire classes K.

3. Clean agent: These electrically non-conductive extinguishing agent evaporates and don’t leave any residue behind. The extinguisher of these types with halocarbons is rated for Class B and C types of fires. Carbon dioxide types are used for Class B, C types, and larger units for class A fires.

4. Foam: They contain either Aqueous film forming foam or film-forming fluoro protein. They are intended for Class B fires.

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How to Choose a Best Fire Extinguisher

 We often know about the product, but we don’t know what parameters should be taken care of while selecting the best one for your need. Hence, here we are, with some of the most important parameters for choosing a fire extinguisher. These parameters are to be taken care of while selecting any product, depending upon your applications. The selection parameters are as follows:

1. Type/Class of fire:

It is often known which kind of fire is most probable to break in any locality. In these cases, you should select the product that can handle the particular Class of fire. For example, if you are in a locality that has Flammable liquids, then you should choose compulsorily the product which is capable of handling the class B fire.

2. Range:

You should take care of the range from which we should deploy the fire extinguisher. You can use one for your need for small houses, but for a big house, you have to go for multiple fire extinguishers installed at different house locations.

3. Size and Weight:

The weight of the product depends upon the amount of extinguisher agent. For houses, we have five pounds, which is relatively easy to use. Hence, select the one according to your need.

4. Rechargeability:

Select the extinguisher according to the frequency of usage. Some products can be refilled while some not. If the fire is very frequent, you can use refilled types or go for single-use ones.  

5. Cost:

The total cost can be an essential factor because many products are available in the market for a given Class rating. Hence, it must be taken care of before buying the final product if there is a cost constraint.

The factors mentioned above are some of the important ones that are needed to be considered if you are going to buy a fire extinguisher for your need.

Best Fire Extinguisher For Car: Review

1. First Alert HOME1 Rechargeable

Check Price

 The first product in our list is from FIRST ALERT STORE. It is an affordable quality product which can be bought for class A, B and C type of fires. It is rechargeable but the cost of recharging is very high as compared to the cost of the product itself. Hence, it is more convenient to buy a new one rather than using the old for more than once. It is made up of aluminium which makes it lighter and more portable than other products in the list. It is a lightweight and good choice for anyone to use in case of emergency.

Key features:

  • Good to use for Class A, B and C fires
  • Portable and can be used by anyone easily
  • Rechargeable but at a high cost
  • Aluminum body


ManufacturerFIRST ALERT
Part numberHOME1
Item number/Model numberFE1A10GR195
Item dimension4.25 x 4 x 15 inches
Weight ‎4.5 pounds
Rechargeable (YES/NO)YES
Fire ClassesA, B, C
More detail(s)Click here
Available for Class A, B, and C fireMaterial is of lower grade
Lower price tag with 10 years of warrantySee for the intended space to fit
Lightweight and highly portable 
Mounting bracket is included with the product 

2. First Alert EZ Fire Spray

Check Latest Price

The second product on our list is from the FIRST ALERT STORE. It is very portable because it is just the size of a spray can. The trigger nozzle is not easy to use as compared to another extinguisher. You have to press the nozzle down hard to use. However, it covers a wide area than a fireman. The fire extinguisher is non-toxic and wipes out easily. It is rated for Class A, B, C, and K fires, so it will be great to be used in Kitchen. The product is, however, is not called a fire extinguisher but is called extinguisher spray.

Key features:

  • Can be used for Class A, B, C and K fires
  • Discharges 4 times longer than traditional
  • Easy to hold, carry and use
  • ETL rated


ManufacturerFIRST ALERT
Part numberAF400-2
Item number/Model numberAF400-2
Item dimension13.5 x 8.5 x 5 inches
Weight ‎2 pounds
Rechargeable (YES/NO)NO
Fire ClassesA, B, C, K
More detail(s)Click here
Highly portablesometimes The nozzle is difficult to use
Last longer than traditional ones 
Foam is light weight and is easy to carry 
Provides more fire time than the traditional ones 

3. First Alert REC5

Check Latest Price

The third product in our list is again from the FIRST ALERT STORE. It has metal pulls that helps to avoid accidental discharge. It is designed to fight liquid, electrical equipment with extinguisher agent as sodium bicarbonate. It is rated for class B and C types of fires. They are corrosion-resistant, waterproof with simple instructions for usage. It has a durable metal head and is ideal for your use in RV.

Key features:

  • Includes a mounting bracket to position securely in house
  • Corrosion resistant to avoid rusting over time.
  • Rechargeable for multiple usage


ManufacturerFIRST ALERT
Part numberREC5
Item number/Model number1039890
Item dimension3.1 x 3.1 x 12.3 inches
Weight ‎4.1 pounds
Rechargeable (YES/NO)YES
Fire ClassesB, C
More detail(s)Click here
Corrosion resistant for longer useProblem with pin and gauge at times
Mounting bracket included with the product 
Ideal for usage in RV 

4. Amerex B402

Check Latest Price

The fourth product in our list is from Labelmaster. It is used for heavy-duty work and is known for its reliability and effectiveness. They are certified for Class A, B, and C fire classes and can discharge for almost 14 seconds. The product is highly reliable as it can be stored for a long time and can be used with outstanding effectiveness. It stops the spreading of chemicals and breaks the electric current for your safety.

Key features:

  • Includes a wall bracket to place it safely at a given location
  • Effective against electrical equipment, liquid or combustible fires
  • Full metal constructed design best for use
  • Aluminium valve


ManufacturerAMEREX Corporation
Part number90-500
Item number/Model number90-500
Item dimension5 x 5 x 15 inches
Weight ‎1 pounds
Rechargeable (YES/NO)YES
Fire ClassesA, B, C
More detail(s)Click here
Recommended for fire fighterHigher cost
Highly reliable and effective 
Sturdy construction 

5. Kidde FA110 Multi-Purpose

Check Price

The fifth and last product on our list is from KIDDE Store. It is the easiest to use among all the products mentioned but is not highly reliable. It is made up of aluminum which makes it lightweight and portable but is not rechargeable. Apart from this, it is an affordable product on your list because of its construction and customer reviews. It is rated for Class A, B and C type of fires and is suitable for common household fires.

Key features:

  • The gauge dial is easy to read
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Suitable for common Household fires
  • Easy to use product


ManufacturerKidde Safety
Part number408-466142MTL-2
Item number/Model number‎FA110G
Item dimension‎3.2 x 6.4 x 13.8 inches
Weight ‎7.2 pounds
Rechargeable (YES/NO)NO
Fire ClassesA, B, C
More detail(s)Click here
Recommended for Household usageNon-Rechargeable
Easy to use and durable 
Affordable product 
Sturdy construction 


The Product listed above is one of the best fire extinguishers available in the market in 2024. They are best for everyday household work and heavy-duty works. However, there are various shortcomings of the Product which we must take care of before using them. The factors that are considered while buying the Product are as follows:

  • Class of fires
  • Range
  • Size/Weight
  • Rechargeability
  • Cost

You have to follow safety precautions before using the Product, which is as follows:

  • Use it carefully: The PASS (pull, aim, squeeze and sweep) method should be followed while using the Product.
  • Check the pressure: Check the pressure gauge and maintain the required pressure for further usage.
  • Place them near the exit: The Product should be placed near the exit as you will be able to go out after the application.
  • Keep them clean: The Product should be kept clean as they are to be used for a long time.
  • Please read the Instruction manual: It is essential to read the instruction manual before usage to understand product usage before any incident.

Follow the safety rules mentioned above carefully. The factors for selection and the best available Product in the market are already mentioned. Create your list of products by considering each factor and buying the one best for your application.

How to Use a Fire Extinguisher Before You Need  It?

The rule of PASS is used while controlling any fire using the fire extinguisher. The full form is Pull, Aim, Squeeze and Sweep. The lock is firstly broken from the level through Pull. The nozzle is aimed at the fire target, and it is slowly pulled for even release of the extinguishing agent. The last step is to squeeze the nozzle from Side to Side. See this Video for more information and a better understanding.


 Q 1: Should you carry a fire extinguisher in your car?

Ans: There is a high probability that any component of the car can catch fire during on or in off conditions. Hence, you have to make sure you carry either Class B or Class C type fire extinguisher in your vehicle, which should be kept inside the driver seat (most probable location). There are various small-sized products available in the market, which is the best fit for any car.

Q 2: Where do you put a fire extinguisher in a car?

Ans: The Fire Extinguisher should be accessible to the driver or any passenger in case of emergency. Hence, we should keep it at a location easily accessible for anyone present in the vehicle. The most probable place is inside the driver’s seat, where it can be taken and applied quickly for any fire.

Q 3: Is it safe to put a fire extinguishers in the car?

Ans: It is safe to have a fire extinguisher in the car. The product helps control uncontrollable fire, which is classified as either Type B or Type C classes. The product should be under reach for quick prevention of broken-out fire.

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