19 Best Car Gadgets and Accessories for Road Trips

Road trips imply that you’re going to spend much time inside your car. Not only will you have fun, but you might need to work and relax simultaneously.

This article will give you a clear idea about all the gadgets and accessories you can take to maximise your comfort and improve your overall experience. A few select items can do just that for your next road trip experience.

Gadgets and Accessories for the Road Trips

1. Portable Power Bank

Anker Portable Charger, PowerCore Essential 20000mAh Power Bank

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Staying on our phones and laptops has become an inevitable part of our lives. Even during vacations, work needs to be completed. For this, you need an inexhaustible supply of power.

A high-capacity power bank with multiple outlets will always come in handy as it can charge multiple electronics simultaneously and for a long period.

2. Phone Mount

iOttie Easy One Touch 5

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Phone mounts are so vital for those who need to use their phones even while driving. Driving while using your phone can be dangerous. These mounts make it easier to see notifications on your phone even while you’re driving. 

Certain models can fit in smartphones of all sizes and shapes; these make handling the phones pretty easy. Some models also facilitate wireless charging, giving an altogether fuss-free function.

3. Dash Cam

Nexar Beam GPS | Full HD 1080p Dash Cam 

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Dashcams come as an extension of your peaceful drives. These protect you from false allegations, reckless drivers, and fraudulence. Adding to that, you can effortlessly make beautiful montages of the roads that you drive around.

4. GPS Tracker

 Tracki 2021 Model Mini Real time GPS Tracker

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Nobody wants to waste their precious time going around clueless. GPS trackers track not only the whereabouts of your car but also your loved ones’. Also, it keeps you updated about the roadways and all that comes your way.

5. Car Adapter

Car Charger, AINOPE Smallest 4.8A All Metal USB Car Charger

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Car adapters use the car’s power source and facilitate the easy running of the other gadgets in use. These also provide accurate updates of the charge of the vehicle.

Long journeys minus hassle-free charging. This is an absolute requirement for those who make constant use of their smartphones for various purposes on the go and have vehicles that don’t contain built-in USB ports.

6. Gel Seat Cushion

kingphenix Car Seat Cushion

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This is a necessity for passengers who suffer from back pains, even for the healthy and fit ones. It relaxes your muscles and makes even the tiring and longer drives comfortable.

Gel seat cushions contain gel memory foam and a non-slip rubber bottom. This makes them firm to use and easily washable, so they’d be perfectly reusable for the next trip. 

7. Air Purifier

Craftronic® NanoActive™ | Car Air Purifier Ionizer

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Are you one of those who can’t stand foul smells too? Then, you are indeed in need of an air purifier for your trips.

Long journeys with pets, all the eating, slouching, bringing along dirt and smells from outside as many times as you get out of your car, indeed calls for a proper air purifier.

8. Car Vacuum Cleaners

THISWORX Car Vacuum Cleaner – Portable, High Power

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Keeping our surroundings clean at all times is so difficult. On the road, this occurs in manifolds and calls for intelligent methods and gadgets.

Vacuum cleaners for cars are saviours for all the cleanliness freaks as well as the lazy ones. Keep a portable car vacuum with you, and enjoy a clean drive all the way through.

9. Rooftop Cargo Box

Fivklemnz Car Roof Bag Cargo Carrier

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Long drives, road trips and vacations might take up all the space in your trunk and still leave you with loads of stuff. Rooftop cargo boxes are the solution to your space problems.

These boxes are easy to fix on top of your vehicles, and you can add up those extra loads on top of your car. And voila! You’re ready to go.

10. Back Seat Car Organiser

H Helteko Backseat Car Organizer

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Whether you’ve taken a road trip or not, it is common knowledge that there is a high possibility of losing something under the surmounting hill of things inside your car.

To avoid this mishap, backseat car organisers come to your immediate rescue. These are perfect for keeping all things intact, keeping the car neat and the stuff in reachable and apparent spaces.

11. First Aid Kit

First Aid Only 299 Pieces All-Purpose First Aid Emergency Kit

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There is no way anyone can watch out for accidents, both minor and significant. First aid kits are a mandatory tick on the accessories list.

This should contain the bare minimum of band-aids, bandages, scissors, painkillers, sterilised wipes, medications and so on.

12. Foldable Blankets and Travel Pillows

BlueHills Premium Soft Travel Blanket Pillow 

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BCOZZY Kids Chin Supporting Travel Pillow

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The foldable blankets help everybody to stretch their legs getting out of the car, while the pillows are great for quick naps on the road, adding to your comfortable drives.

Both the items are pretty handy and bring so much better of an experience than travelling without one.

13. Truck Cap

If you have a truck and you’re planning a road trip, a tonneau cover or truck cap is a must-have accessory. It provides secure storage for your belongings, protects them from the elements, and creates additional space for luggage or camping gear, enhancing the convenience and comfort of your journey. With a tonneau cover or truck cap, you can travel confidently knowing that your cargo is safe and your truck is optimized for the adventure ahead.

14. Jump Starter Pack

NOCO Boost Plus GB40 1000 Amp 12-Volt UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter Box

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For all those times that your car’s engine fails to warm up on time and starts to go back on the road, this jump starter pack is a booster and will never disappoint you. You may find help at any Toyota Car dealership for a jump starter pack if you own a Toyota. Other car dealerships also have jump starters on sale.

15. Seat Belt Cutter and Window Glass Breaker

PERFACE Premium Car Glass Breaker with Seat Belt Cutter

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Road accidents are highly probable no matter how good and careful a driver you might be. These are potentially life-saving tools.

As handy as a key chain, simple to use and easily accessible, these tools must constantly be kept on road trips.

16. A car Kettle or Coffee Maker

WEEKSUN: Car Kettle 12V, Portable Car Kettle Water Boiler with Temperature Control

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A warm cup of tea or coffee always comes in handy, whether at home or out on the road. It is always convenient to have your tea kettle or coffee maker in the car.

You can both keep your drinks warm as well as prepare new ones in the same kettles. It can easily fit in any compartment and uses the power socket of the car or no power at all if a manual one.

17. Car Cooler or Warmer

Wagan EL6206 – 6 Quart 12V Portable Electric Cooler/Warmer for Car

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You shouldn’t ignore staying hydrated no matter how the weather might be. A car must always be accessible to serve cool beverages if the weather’s too hot.

A car cooler makes this possible, being portable and easily usable. A warmer can also be handy if you want to keep your drinks hot.

18. Car Desk

Cutequeen Trading car 1pcs Eating/Laptop Steering Wheel Desk

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This car desk is a haven for those workaholics who can’t relax even during road trips and vacations. Say hello to this easily portable and fit desk.

This desk can be mounted onto the steering wheel, and it just keeps the laptop firm, providing proper space while you do all the work. However, only do this if you’re not driving simultaneously.

19. Torch Lights and Rechargeable Lamps

Rechargeable Flashlight, Magnetic Flashlight(with 18650 Battery), Super Bright Pocket fit

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Light is as necessary as air while out in the wilderness. Portable and handy light sources must always be a yes on the checklist.

Bon Voyage

Don’t take road trips lightly. As fun as they can be, they also need to be planned and prepared for in advance. You must pay attention to all the details. Keep your car upgraded beforehand so you can simply spend all your time focusing on the road trip. 

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