5 Things To Consider When Hiring A Lawyer After A Car Accident

According to the data gathered by the Fatality Analysis Reporting Systems (FARS) of the U.S. Department of Transportation, motor vehicle crashes accounted for over 36,000 deaths in 2019, with Oklahoma having 640 counts. Many road accidents are caused by distracted driving, such as drivers using their mobile phones or eating while they’re behind the wheel.

Another common cause of road accidents is overspeeding. Drivers exceed the speed limit for different reasons, including trying to beat the red light or if they’re running late for an appointment. Intoxicated drivers are also prone to committing accidents on the road that may cause fatalities.

After being involved in a car accident, there are many things that involved cars have to do. If you’re a victim, aside from seeking medical help, you’ll also be facing numerous paperwork for insurance claims and police reports. With this, it’s best to seek legal assistance from a lawyer or law firm, which may help give all the information you need.

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Why You Need A Lawyer

Car accidents often result in severe consequences for those involved, from incurring expensive medical bills to not being able to report for work. Plus, some car damages are complicated to fix and can be costly. If you’re involved in a car accident, hiring a lawyer can take the load out of your shoulders and may help you avoid stress. Getting a lawyer may help with both your insurance claims and settlement negotiations.

Claiming insurance can take some time since most insurance companies require a lot of paperwork. Since most firms have a team of associates, they may help fast-track the filing process by working on the documents efficiently. With settlements, most lawyers take into account the different local laws and regulations in negotiating for a fair settlement. At times, when both parties don’t reach an agreement, lawyers may take the case to court to demand the damages caused.

All lawyers may seem the same, but some may specialize in different issues and fields that may not be suitable for your case. If you’re thinking about getting a lawyer, here are five things to consider when hiring a lawyer after a car accident:

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1. Accessible Location

After getting into an accident, most victims will have a hard time going around places. It’s best to choose a lawyer that’s available within your area. Traveling to a different city for hours just to meet your lawyer can waste time,which can be dedicated to drafting your statement or insurance claims.

2. Knowledgeable And Experienced

Before reaching out to a law firm, it’s best to research about their company and the recent cases they handled. Aside from knowing their credentials, it’s best to check the types of cases they’ve handled and won in your area. More cases won may mean that the law firm is knowledgeable in handling car accident cases under local regulations, which may put you at an advantage.

3. Number Of Associates

As the saying goes,“There is strength in number.”  It’s best to consider the size of the firm before hiring them. More paralegals may mean that more people can assist in handling the paperwork needed and make submissions on time. With a larger law firm, you may access more resources, such as tapping into private investigators.

4. Attitude

Probably one of the important things to consider is the client-lawyer relationship. Choose a lawyer that you can talk to without being rushed, and one you can be comfortable with since some cases may involve personal details. Go for lawyers that walk you through the process, and explain the options and solutions that you can understand.

5. Cost

Another important thing to consider is the fees lawyers will be charging. Most lawyers charge a retainer fee or hourly rate during proceedings. On the other hand, some lawyers offer a contingency arrangement, wherein lawyers will be paid a certain percentage after the victim’s settlement. It’s best to know the payment arrangements when choosing a lawyer.


The Takeaway

In the U.S., car accidents cause many fatalities and injuries every year. If you’re involved in one, aside from getting medical help, it’s best to seek legal help from lawyers or a law firm. Getting a lawyer may help you in submitting paperwork on time, and may guide you throughout the process of claiming insurance compensation. They may also help in negotiating a settlement that you deserve.

When choosing a lawyer, it’s best to consider different factors, such as their proximity, law firm size, and their experience, which may help you gauge their ability in helping you. Getting along smoothly with your legal counsel should also be considered, along with the fees that go with their services.

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