How To Choose Best Car Cover for Your Car?- Complete Guide

Why Do You Need a Car Cover?

Most of us when going to start our journey to the office or any other place with our car and Suddenly we encounter with a lot of dust, twigs of leaves or sometimes scratches on it. This put us in a very angry situation. To protect your car from dust, twigs of leaves, scratches, etc. You need a car cover. A perfect car cover can protect your car for a long time without spoiling its shining appearance.

What Happens When You Do Not Use a Car Cover?

  • A layer of dust particles gets deposited on your car which reduces your shining appearance
  • If you parked under a tree then millions of berries, flowers, or fruits will fall on the car resulting in staining of the paint.
  • If it is parked in the open, then the dropping of birds may fall on the body and requires frequent washing of the car. And this cost you a lot.
  • Sometimes the neighbor who is jealous of you may produce scratches on it.

All these problems can be avoided by the use of the best car cover for your car.

Car Covers are one of the essential components that are used to put the vehicle in great shape. They are used to protect the car during rest and protect it from the external environment. They are essential, whether you keep the vehicle in the garage, carport, or driveways. This article will cover everything about the car covers by talking about their types and a detailed guide to buying it for your need. So, let’s get started.

Types of Car Cover

Different types of cars cover are available for different usage, which is discussed under this heading.

According to the Cover type, they are divided into two parts:

1. Indoor Car Cover:

These car covers can be used for both inside and outside vehicle-keeping applications. This type of Cover mainly includes light to medium-duty vehicles that can be kept inside the house and outside.

2. Outdoor Car Cover:

This type of car cover is mostly used for Heavy-duty vehicles that are kept outside and designed to take punishment from all weather without deteriorating.

According to the type of fits, they are divided into two parts:

1.  Contour fit:

These types of covers generally don’t include mirror and antennae pockets. They are cheaper than their other type that is custom fit and provides a tight cover over the vehicle.

2. Custom-fit:

These types of covers are costlier than contour fit and are relatively costlier. They have a less tight grip on the vehicle than the contour fit but ensures that all the parts are covered properly.

Other Types of car covers include Breathable and Waterproof covers.

 1. Waterproof Covers:

This type of cover does not allow any moisture to reach the vehicle crossing the cover. It results in the trapping of Moisture which can lead to corrosion and mild dew formation.

2. Breathable Covers:

These covers allow the trapped moisture to evaporate quickly, preventing corrosion and mild dew formation.

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Need of Car Covers:

Car Covers are essential to protect your vehicle indoors as well as outdoors. Climate worldwide is not suitable for transport vehicles, which can lead to a decrease in the overall lifetime of the car. Car Covers save vehicles from external dirt, corrosion, and moisture and keeps them clean internally. Overheating and Overcooling can be dangerous, and maintaining a proper temperature in harsh conditions is not possible. These covers help us to save the vehicle from these conditions.

Some of the Usage of covers are as follows:

  • Prevent the vehicle from unsightly dents and scratches.
  • Shield the vehicle from natural calamities such as Rain, snowfall, overheating, and Overcooling.
  • Shield the vehicle from various artificial calamities
  • Cover act as an excellent theft deterrent
  • It also protects your vehicle paint from damaging in Sunlight

How To Select the Best Car Cover?

 As we can conclude from the above paragraphs, the vehicle cover is essential, and too have one can increase the overall life of your vehicle. Now the question comes, how to select one for your application, and what factors are to be considered before buying one for your need? Here we are to help you list down some of the most important factors to be considered while buying the product for your need.

Some of the most critical factors are as follows:

1. Type of Car:

The type of car is a significant factor to be considered while selecting the cover for your needs. It helps in deciding the final size of the cover and the type which will be required. For example, if you own one of the models of Tesla, you need a Tesla cover which is designed specifically for your car to cover your entire vehicle while parked or charging, either inside or outside

2. Water Resistance:

Never forget to include water resistance as an important factor before selecting a cover. They will help protect the vehicle from heavy rain as well as flood situation.

3. Overheating Resistance:

The weather is very hot at some places, and vehicle parts can get overheated. Hence select the cover that is resistant to Sun’s heat and can withstand high temperatures when stood outside.

4. Cost:

Consider the budget before buying as the product is available in different varieties for the same price.

5. Features:

Consider buying a cover with some extra features, which include mirror pockets, tie-down loops, etc. We can select these features according to vehicle type and size.

6. Durability:

The durability of any product is dependent on the material. Hence, check the material of the cover, which should be of high quality.


Purchasing a Car Cover for your use requires many details to be considered. We have already mentioned the parameters to you. Here, we will be giving a summary of all the factors according to your priority. The key factors are as follows:

  • Select the suitable cover according to your car type, which can decide the size and type of cover required to be purchased.
  • Car Covers should be water-resistant as rain and flood are unavoidable at any location.
  • Overheating issues can also be an important factor according to your location.
  • Cost, durability, and other features are to be considered while buying one for your needs.


 Q 1: I have a small car. Which type of Cover would be my best fit?

Ans: As we have explained SUV in the above paragraphs, a small vehicle will require a small-sized car cover, which can be of contour fit type according to your need.

Q 2: How to Protect the vehicle from UV rays?

Ans: UV rays are the source of heat, which can cause overheating issues. Hence having a Cover that protects you from the overheating issue can save you from UV rays.

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