21 Must-Have Tools For Home in 2024

If you are shifting into your new home, then there are so many upgrades or maintenance that you have to do. If you are going to hang a photo on the wall or hang your mirror, etc you need tools to do that. If you hire labor to do so then you have to spend a lot of money every time. But with these 21 must-have tools for home, you can easily upgrade or maintain your house without any hassle. 

After watching a lot of review articles and videos on youtube and different websites, We have taken out the 21 must-have tools for your home that help you greatly to do your home improvement easily and keep you trouble-free.

List of 21 Must-Have Tools for Home That You Will Need in 2024

S.noNameImageUsesCheck Price
1Screwdriver SetUsed to loosen and tighten the screwsCheck price
2Tape measureIt measures the length of the objectsCheck Price
3ToolboxBox for keeping all your toolsCheck Price
4HammerUse to hammer on objects like nails etcCheck Price
5Duct Tape

It is used for sealing, waterproofing, binding, etc in your home

Check Price
6Set of pliers

Used to hold and grip small parts or fasteners

Check Price
7FlashlightIt is used to see objects in the darkCheck price
8Putty Knifeputty knifeIt is used to apply and spread materials, used to fill narrow holes or gapsCheck Price
9Adjustable Wrenchadjustable wrenchIt is used to loosen or tighten nuts, bolts, and screws of different sizes.Check Price
10Utility KnifeUtility knifeUsed to cut objects of medium sizes.Check Price
11Handsawfoldable HandsawIt is used to cut wood and materials made from woodsCheck Price
12Step ladderStep ladderUsed to reach heights and helps to do our work which is at height.Check Price
13Magnetic stud finderMagnetic stud finderIt is used to find the electric lines and plumbing lines inside your walls and protect them from getting damaged during repair and home improvement work.Check Price
14Drywall anchor kitDrywall anchor kitIt is used to hold the screws firmly in the walls.Check Price
15Laser LevelLaser levelHelps to level anything.Check Price
16Cordless DrillCordless DrillIt makes your drilling operation easier.Check Price
17Work glovesWork glovesIt protects your hands from dirt, damage, etc.Check Price
18Knee padsKnee padsIt protects your knees from getting damaged.Check Price
19ClampsClampsholds the workpiece firmly for doing cutting operations.Check Price
20The Multi-ToolThe Multi-Tool

It is a combination of different tools like hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, safety belt cutter, nail puller, steel knife, wire cutters, pliers, etc

Check Price
21Wire CuttersWire CuttersUsed to cut electrical wires.Check Price


Here, I have discussed all the must-have tools for home that you need to do some upgrades or repairs by yourself. Among them, you can buy according to your requirements. I hope you have liked this information and don’t forget to like and share it.

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