15 Must-Have Garden Tools Names and Uses with Pictures

If you are planning to do gardening and you don’t know which tool you must need to start, then you are at the right place. Here, we will tell you 15 must-have garden tools name, their uses with pictures that you can buy to start your gardening. After reading a lot of review blogs and watching videos on youtube, we have taken out 15 garden tool names that you will need in your garden. You can skip any tool you already have in your garden.

Must have Garden Tools Names

  1. Gloves: It protects our hand from dirt, debris, plant thorns, and any type of injury.
  2. Trowel: It is used to dig small holes for planting, removing weeds, and mixing fertilizers.
  3. Spade: It is used to dig holes in the ground and remove plants from the ground. They can work in loose soil or rock.
  4. Weed puller: It is used to pull unwanted weeds from the ground easily.
  5. Watering Can: They are very helpful in the watering plant without wasting water.
  6. Garden Hoe: This Hand tool is used to cultivate the soil and remove weeds from the ground.
  7. Hand fork and claw: This tool is used to dig out weeds, remove old, dead, or diseased plants and loosen dirt
  8. Shovel: This multi-purpose tool is used for digging, removing dirt or debris, transplanting soil, and for creating shallow trenches.
  9. Spray Bottle: It is used to spray water, pesticides, or insecticides on indoor or outdoor plants.
  10. Dibber: This tool is used to create holes for seeds and seedlings so that they easily buried inside the soil without any hassle.
  11. Pruner: It works like a scissor and is used to cut branches of plants or remove fruits from the plants.
  12. Wheelbarrow: They are used to move materials from one place to another. The materials may be bags of fertilizers, mulch, tools, plants, sand, gravel, Soil, or compost.
  13. Rake: It is used for scraping, scooping, leveling, or gathering materials such as leaves, mulch, or soil.
  14. Garden Hose: It is a pipe used for transporting water in the garden.
  15. Soil Ph meter: It is used to check the nature of the soil whether it is acidic or not.
Must have Garden Tools Names with pictures

List of Must Have Tools for the Garden with Pictures in Tabular Form:

Tool NameImageAction
1.  Glovesgloves for gardeningBuy Now
2.  TrowelHand TrowelBuy Now
3.  Spadegarden spadeBuy Now
4.  Hand Weed Pullerhand weed pullerBuy Now
5.  Watering Canwatering canBuy Now
6.  Garden HoeGarden hand HoeBuy Now
7.   Hand Fork or Clawhand fork or clawBuy Now
8.  Shovelhand shovelBuy Now
9.  Spray BottleSpray bottle for gardenBuy Now
10. Hand Dibberhand dibber for gardenBuy Now
11.  Prunerpruner for gardenBuy Now
12.  WheelbarrowsWheelbarrows for gardenBuy Now
13.  RakeRake for gardenBuy Now
14.  Garden HoseGarden hoseBuy Now
15.  Soli Ph meterSoil Ph meterBuy Now


Here, I have told you the 15 must-have garden tool names with pictures. If you have a garden or thinking to create then you must have these tools for developing your garden. You can buy any one of the above-mentioned tools according to your need and work in the garden without any difficulty.

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