Dangerous Two Wheels: 9 Ways To Avoid Motorcycle Mishaps

On the road, motorcyclists face a higher risk for injuries, especially from road collisions and mishaps. Riding a motorcycle can be an adventurous experience. However, the reality is that motorcycle riding can be risky if you fail to observe proper safety precautions. Sadly, fatalities among motorcyclists are high than those driving cars.

Many motorcyclists can steer clear of accidents and enjoy their rides without any problem. Generally, safe use of a motorcycle involves following basic motorcycle safety practices. If you want to enjoy your bike while staying on the safe side, here are several ways to avoid a motorcycle accident in New Jersey or in any part of the world while on the road:

1. Enroll In A Training Course

Female student with helmet taking motorcycle lessons and practicing ride. In background traffic cones and instructor with checklist rating and evaluating the ride. Motorcycle school of driving.

Before taking your motorcycle for a short spin down the block, make sure that you’re ready for the challenges on the road. The best way to be prepared for such probelms is to enroll in a training course. Generally, it’ll allow you to learn how to properly operate a motorcycle, along with the laws applicable to motorcycle riders you need to know by heart.

Depending on the state you’re in, you might need to complete a safety course before getting a license to operate a motorcycle. However, if it’s been some time since you took a class or rode a bike, it’s best to enroll in a refresher course. Additionally, while riding a motorcycle, you should be aware of your skill level and avoid riding in circumstances beyond your capability.


2. Always Wear The Proper Safety Gear

When riding a bike, always wear a motorcycle helmet at all times. Helmets can save lives by preventing potential damage to the brain and fatalities during motorcycle collisions.

Aside from the helmet, you can protect yourself by donning protective gear, such as the following:

  • Goggles or eyewear
  • Boots
  • Gloves
  • Leather jackets and pants

Today, you can explore a vast selection of safety gear to ensure that you stay safe when riding your motorcycle.


3. Regular Maintenance Of Your Motorcycle

If you want to stay safe while on the road, make it a priority to perform regular maintenance on your motorcycle. Keeping your bike in good form will ensure your safety on the road.

Always check the tires if they’re in good condition, the lights are bright, and all other components are working efficiently. Regular maintenance and inspection will allow you to pinpoint potential problems and deal with them right away.


4. Ensure Visibility

Due to the small size of motorcycles, if you compare them to vehicles, other drivers often have a hard time seeing them on the road. Remember that one of the most common causes accidents among motorcyclists is a driver violating a biker’s right of way.

One of the ways to stay safe and minimize your risk for motorcycle mishaps is to improve your visibility with these steps:

  • Wear brightly colored and reflective clothing so other motorists on the road can readily see you.
  • Apply reflective stickers on your motorcycle.
  • Use your headlights while riding.
  • Position your motorcycle in the part of the lane where you’re easily visible to other drivers or avoid the blind spot of other drivers


5. Focus While Driving

Ways To Avoid Motorcycle Mishaps
a motorbike on the road driving fast. having fun on the empty highway on a motorcycle journey.

When riding your motorcycle, always focus on the road. Being aware of your environment and what the other vehicles are doing will allow you to act quickly. Avoid riding your motorcycle if you’re intoxicated, exhausted, or impaired in any way. Additionally, try to avoid distractions that can pull your attention from riding.

One of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents is driving after drinking. It’s important to remember that alcohol slows down your reaction time and impairs judgment. The combination of riding a motorcycle and drinking is more dangerous than driving a vehicle since keeping the bike in an upright position requires coordination and balance.


6. Determine The Road Conditions

The presence of potholes, rocks, uneven pavements, and other potential road hazards can result in accidents. It occurs because motorcycles aren’t capable of handling these dangers in the same way as vehicles. If you want to stay safe while operating your bike, always watch the road so you can spot upcoming hazards and avoid them as much as possible.


7. Practice Defensive Driving

Try to practice defensive driving to ensure safety while riding your motorcycle. Here are some of the tips to consider:

  • Allow sufficient space between you and other vehicles, ensuring you have enough space to stop if necessary.
  • Avoid speeding up since traveling at high speeds will require you more time to stop or make adjustments safely.
  • Regularly check the mirrors of your motorcycle to observe your surroundings.
  • Make sure that you’ll leave enough space between your bike and other vehicles.
  • Avoid shifting between lanes of traffic or next to a car within a single lane.
  • Always keep your hands on the brakes so that you can readily brake when necessary.
  • Always assume that other motorists can’t see you.


8. Look Behind When Stopping At Intersections

Motorcycles often end up rear-ended by vehicles at intersections, especially when you stop at crosswalks or allow animals to pass in front of you.

If you’re going to stop, try to pull over to the side of the lane and flash your brake light several times. Once you stop, always watch behind you to see if a vehicle is approaching. Make sure to keep your motorcycle in gear so you can readily pull away if the car approaches and it appears that it’ll strike your bike.


9. Avoid Riding Between Active Traffic And Parked Vehicles

Depending on the road situation, it’s best to avoid moving between busy traffic and parked cars. Some of the reasons to avoid this scenario include the following:

  • A driver might open the door of the vehicle, and your motorcycle might plow right into it.
  • A car might move out in front of you, resulting in a crash.
  • A pedestrian might step out, and you don’t have time to slow down to avoid a possible collision.

Make sure that you’ll avoid these circumstances when riding your motorcycle.



If you love to cruise with your motorcycle, whether running errands or simply unwinding with a leisurely adventure ride, staying safe at all times should be your priority. Since motorcycles face a higher risk for accidents on the road, these valuable tips will guide you along the way to ensure a safe ride and lower your chances of figuring into accidents.

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