Filing a Truck Accident Lawsuit: Avoid These Common Mistakes

A lot can go wrong when operating a truck. Truck accidents are among the most common road accidents caused by various factors. Although trucks make up a minuscule percentage of all registered vehicles globally, they are responsible for many crashes.

You must seek legal help after a truck accident to receive compensation for any physical or financial damages you incur. However, some aspects may lead to under-compensation or denial of your claim.

Learn the common mistakes you should avoid when filing a truck accident lawsuit.

Filing a Truck Accident Lawsuit: Avoid These Common Mistakes

Postponing Health Care

It’s common for people to walk away from a truck accident under the impression that they were not “severely injured.” However, seeking medical assistance should be the first step immediately after an accident.

The assumption that you didn’t sustain any injuries may be from the adrenaline released when you are in danger. Also, some injuries are not externally visible. Hidden injuries such as concussions and internal bleeding are common and can be fatal.

The more the injuries go unnoticed, the more damage they do. It’s advisable to see a doctor right away to establish whether there was any physical damage. Seeking medical attention also strengthens your compensation claim when filing a truck accident lawsuit.

Failure to Collect Evidence

Accident scenes can be pretty chaotic and rowdy. Regardless, you must gather as much evidence as possible from the scene. If you are not physically able, you can ask for help from bystanders.

Fresh evidence is very beneficial in building a credible truck accident claim. In some accidents, reconstruction experts can determine how an accident occurred from witnesses’ accounts. However, it’s better to have tangible evidence to back these testimonials.

Photo and video evidence helps establish the other vehicle’s license plate, the weather condition at the time of the accident, and the intersections of the road you were driving on before the tragedy.

Additional information, such as insurance information and other parties’ contact numbers, is also critical. Ensure you also note the accident’s details so you remember everything. Failure to collect evidence may lead to a weak case that lacks credibility.

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Speaking With Insurance Companies

In all circumstances, avoid talking to insurance companies. Not talking prevents providing any information the opposition may use against you in your case. Instead, it would be best if your lawyer managed this communication. There is a lot of liability involved in accidents. To avoid ending up on the losing side of the lawsuit, you must only talk to someone with your lawyer’s advice.

Most insurance companies try to come to settlements in a bid to prevent any lawsuits. Agreeing to these settlements without your lawyer’s input will likely lose your right to pursue your claim further.

You should also avoid making statements since you can’t take back this tape-recorded information.

Posting on Social Media

Posting small details of our personal lives online has become very popular today. You may be tempted to post about your truck accident on social media.

However, you must resist as this could bring a lot of misinterpretations in the long run. An insurance company can take your post out of context and use it against you in the lawsuit.

This will lead to a lower settlement or denial of the claim in general. The court will assume that the damage to you was not as severe if you could post about it on the Internet.

Not Obtaining a Police Report

Failing to file a police report once a truck accident occurs negatively affects your personal injury claim. The police report document confirms that the accident did take place.

Ensure you contact the police; investigators will visit the scene and note the accident’s details. Failing to file a police report may be malicious intent, according to the court.

Bottom Line

Truck accidents are prevalent compared to other road accidents. When filing a lawsuit, there are several mistakes you must avoid to ensure you receive compensation for your claim.

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