What Are the Most Common Factors in Collisions Between Commercial Trucks and Automobiles?

Commercial trucks pose a higher risk of contributing to severe automobile accidents. When a truck neglects to follow traffic laws, the driver can be held liable for any damages they cause. The reasons commercial trucks get into accidents aren’t always driver error. Sometimes, these accidents are more complex. 

According to lawyers Wattel & York, at times the truck driver may not be responsible for the truck accident—rather, it might be their team members, the truck manufacturer, or construction companies who have worked on the roads.

Below are some of the most common factors that result in collisions between commercial trucks and automobiles.

Most Common Factors in Collisions Between Commercial Trucks and Automobiles


Commercial truck drivers must travel long distances for their work. To make up for lost time or meet a tight deadline, they may speed. When a commercial truck driver speeds, the truck not only takes longer to slow down but it also becomes more difficult for the driver to react in time to prevent a collision. The force of the impact of a commercial vehicle in a car wreck is more severe when they are traveling at a high velocity. Like any vehicle on the road, commercial trucks are required to observe the posted speed limit.

Brake Problems

Many of these larger vehicles suffer from brake problems as brake pads and other parts of the brake system get worn down over time. It is the responsibility of the commercial truck driver to inspect their vehicle regularly. Sometimes, issues are overlooked or defects go unreported by the manufacturer. 

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Roadway Problems

Roads aren’t always properly maintained. With changing weather, roads can deteriorate over time and begin to crack. When the roadway is in disrepair, this can cause a commercial truck to sway, swerve, or fall over. This wouldn’t be the fault of the commercial truck driver, but rather the local county. 

Congested Roads

Heavy traffic can also cause a car accident, resulting from the truck driver’s inability to maneuver such a large commercial vehicle through traffic. The trucker may have difficulty seeing other drivers in their blind spot on a congested road because such large vehicles have reduced visibility compared to most automobiles. 

Prescription Drug Usage

Commercial truck drivers may be drowsy because of the medication they take. Prescription drug usage can cause side effects such as fatigue. When a truck driver is drowsy, they can be prone to making errors. One miscalculation on their part can result in a terrible accident. 

Unbalanced Loads

Improperly packed commercial trucks are also a common factor in collisions. Trucking company employees may have neglected to properly stack or inspect the load on the truck. In other cases, they may have placed the wrong size or length straps to secure the load. When a truck is improperly loaded, this can make it unstable and sway on the road, making the driver crash if the vehicle loses balance. 

Equipment Failure

The commercial truck driver may be driving a defective vehicle altogether, resulting in unexpected consequences. The truck driver may have steering problems, engine problems, a defective hitch, or faulty tires. There are many ways that a manufacturer’s defect could cause a commercial truck accident. The manufacturer could be liable for a commercial truck accident in this situation.

What Happens If A Commercial Truck And Automobile Get Into An Accident?

After an accident, the parties involved must determine who is liable for the damages. Depending on the events during the collision, one or both parties may be required to cover damages for themself or the other party. The police will need to file a police report and review how the accident occurred. If the commercial truck driver is at fault, the victim of the crash can hire an attorney to represent their claim using the evidence available. 

The commercial truck driver’s company will work with their insurance company to cover the cost of the settlement or lawsuit. All parties involved will want to know how much compensation should be paid. The victims of the accident can seek compensation for property damage and bodily damage. This means that all the medical bills resulting from the accident would be included. The victim can also receive compensation for pain and suffering damages and lost wages. Speak to a commercial truck accident attorney to learn how to file a personal injury claim. 

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