What Happens to Your Car in a Wrecking Yard?

If you have an old, damaged or unused car just taking up your garage space, maybe it is time to make one last good use of it and bid goodbye by sending it to a junkyard. But what exactly happens to your car at the junkyard?

If you live in Australia, you can find a reliable company that is an expert in dismantling your car’s brand. For example, Toyota wreckers company in Sydney helps by taking your car to their wreck yards and pulling it apart for its junk scraps. Such professionals dismantle your car and salvage each component for recycling purposes. In return, you receive a lump sum cash amount for your junk car

The entire process of dismantling a car can be a bit enigmatic. So we’ve broken them down into 5 simple steps. Check it out.

What Happens to Your Car in a Wrecking Yard with These 5 Easy-to-Understand Steps 

Step 1: The Car Wrecking Company Will Come to Take Your Car

The scrapping process starts with the junk car company professionals visiting you to assess your car. After completing their assessment, they will quote their final price for your damaged vehicle and buy it off you immediately. 

Step 2: The Dismantling Begins

After your vehicle reaches the wrecking yard, it is time to dismantle it. The wrecking yard is noisy, large, and has specialised scraping appliances suitable for automobiles.

These heavy machineries can pull your car apart in no time. 

Step 3: Car Chipping

After the car is dismantled and taken apart, the chipping process begins. Chipping is when the wreck company’s grinding machinery (known as the chipping machine) cuts the car into smaller components and scraps. 

These pieces become easier to store, handle and sell to other automobile parts companies. These chipping machines ensure that each of your car’s components is of high utility to other professionals or other automobile companies. 

Step 4: Metal and Non-Metal Parts are Sorted

Sorting is the slowest process of wrecking a damaged car at the junkyard. The junk car professionals sort the metal components for the non-metal ones to ensure the most valuable pieces. 

The metal scraps from your scrapped car are the most useful for various companies. If your car was relatively new, its junk metal parts are crucial pieces of a new vehicle.

An old vehicle’s metal parts are also handy and highly demanded scrap metal components. 

The non-metal parts such as the glass windows, plastic portions, seats, and tires are sold to other niche companies for recycled products.

Only the most skillful and professional junk car experts deal with car components during this process to ensure perfection.

Step 5: Recycling Car Parts

Each part of your damaged, old, and junk car has a specialised purpose and sees new light in the wrecking yard. Car wrecking companies ensure that you and various companies receive the best value for the old vehicle. 

For example, a professional can melt your glass window scrap to make beautiful tinted vases. The plastic compartments can become nice, foldable plastic boxes for stationery items. These car junk companies aim to offer long-term value for automobile scraps to various companies and offer you quick and profitable cash returns.


Now that you understand what happens to your car after it leaves your garage, you can see how disposing of a used car is the right choice. If you are in Sydney, Toyota wrecker companies in Sydney can offer the best value for your scraps. 

So if you wish to recycle your car, and earn some quick cash through a professional car wrecking company, visit here now to know more!

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