How To Get Cash for Junk Cars in 2022?

cash for junk cars

Instead of leaving your old car in your backyard where it will only take up space, why not consider disposing of it in a way that would also let you get some cash in return?

Yes, we’re talking about selling your car to a junkyard.

This takes your old car off your hands and lets you get your garage or yard space back. A worn-down car in your home could decrease its curb appeal and also your property value to some extent.

And, of course, let’s not forget the fact that you’ll get some cash back when you take your car to a junkyard. You won’t get a lot of money for it, but it’s still a great deal overall.

Here are some things to do before selling your scrap car.

What to Do Before Selling Your Car

1. Inspect Your Car

Inspect your car’s condition and take note of all the problems you discover. This will help you explain your situation to the junkyards more clearly. You can also get a more accurate quote on how much your junk car is still worth.

Just remember, though, that the actual amount that you get may be slightly lower than the quote. That’s because a lot of factors come into play when it comes to evaluating junk cars.

2. Find Your Car Documents

Even before you start looking for junkyards or salvage yards to sell your car to, you have to make sure you round up all your car-related documents. Look for the title of your car as this will be handed over to the junkyard when you sell your vehicle.

If it’s already been a while since you had your car and you already lost its title, you can request a new one at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in your area.

3. Remove Personal Items

Before turning your car over to the scrap yard, don’t forget to remove all your personal items inside your vehicle. There could be important files like official documents and IDs stuck between the seats or under the mats. You wouldn’t want anyone stealing your identity or impersonating you, right?

This is also a way to clean your car and make sure you’re not leaving anything significant behind. Think of it as a necessary preparation for selling your car.

4. Talk to Different Junkyards

It would put you on a much better footing if you talk to different junkyards or salvage yards that could take your car in. Explore your options so that you can find the best offer for your car.

Tell them in detail about your car’s condition. Ask them if they can give you more money for it if you do certain things like dismantling the parts or driving the car to the junkyard yourself.

5. Check Local Regulations

Make it a point to check local regulations about scrapping your car. There could be a certain process to follow for junking your car, so always check with the city first.

In most cases, you’ll be required to surrender your plate to the DMV when you cancel your car’s registration.

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Tips for Getting Cash for Your Junk Car

Here are some tips to possibly get more cash for your scrap car.

1. Estimate the Value of Your Car

Go on Kelley Blue Book to check the current value of your car’s model in pristine condition. This would give you a good idea of how much your junk car could be worth, considering all its defects.

If you know a thing or two about how much repairs cost, try subtracting them from the current value of the car. Let it serve as a guide for how much you can sell your junk car for.

2. Remove Valuable Parts

Most junkyards only want the metal framing of your car. Do them the favor of removing all the valuable interior parts that are still functional or can be easily repaired.

Then, you can even try selling these parts so that you could get more money. Parts like the car stereo or starter motor usually have a high value when you sell them.

3. Transport the Car

Ask the junkyard if they offer free towing services for your car. It would be more convenient for you if they do.

If they don’t, they will have to subtract the transport fee from the total amount they’ll pay you. So, ask them if they could offer you more money if you could bring the car to their junkyard yourself.


cash for scrap cars

It’s fairly easy to get cash for junk cars. The key is preparing well for it and understanding how the process generally works. This also allows you to make sure that the buyer of your car isn’t lowballing you.

Even though you just want to get rid of the car, you should still get properly paid for what it’s worth. Don’t let your investment completely go to waste.

To recap, here’s how you can get cash for your junk cars:

  • Inspect your car so you can give an accurate description to junkyards over the phone and get more accurate quotes.
  • Get your car documents ready just in case. Also, check local regulations regarding the junking of vehicles.
  • Research the current value of your car in pristine condition. Then, subtract possible repair costs from it to get an estimate of how much your car could still sell for.
  • Contact different junkyards and ask them how much they could pay you for your vehicle. This helps you vet your options and easily find the best dealer to take your car in.

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