Considering An RV Rental In Detroit?

Why is Detroit So Popular?

Detroit is one of the most important cities in the history of the post-modern world, due to its integral place in the history of the auto industry. Detroit exists as a testament to innovation in American business, and every single car on earth owes some portion of its existence to the American automobile industry. When you walk towards your car, you see the distinct features and ideas that came directly from Michigan to the world. There are all sorts of different types of cars you might enjoy driving, but no matter what vehicle you end up in, you owe your experience to the titans of Detroit. So, rev up your engine and go behind the wheel, put on your driving gloves and throw your sunglasses on your face.

RV Rental in Detroit

With the wind of your hair and the top down, you are enjoying an amazing drive that can show you the world, especially in a massive country like the United States. When you leave Detroit, you might end up in Ann Arbor, Lansing or many other areas in Michigan that owe their great success and financial well-being to the foundation laid by Henry Ford and his compatriots in the Detroit area. Detroit is no longer the bustling metropolis it once was, as many other places in the world have taken over the top spot as automobile forces in the business world. Be that as it may, it is still wonderful to appreciate the vehicles that we have access to, and an RV ( is another example of a great subcategory of vehicle.

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What is the State of the Auto Industry?

Considering an RV is interesting because it helps the auto industry thrive at a time when people are more focused on building high-speed rail throughout the world. The United States of America is one of the few countries in the world without high-speed rail that enables people to travel from place to place in a few minutes. Instead, Americans either have to drive or take air transportation wherever they go. This leads to a lot of fuel wastage and conspicuous consumption under the capitalist society that is pretty typical, considering the vastness of American greed.

Should America have high-speed rail? Absolutely, however, instead we have our old railway tracks that are not even fully operational throughout the fifty contiguous states. Wisconsin and South Dakota do not even have train stations at all as any railways in those states are commercial and there are no passenger trains anywhere around them. This is because the indigenous Americans who lived there during the industrial revolution were incredibly (and justifiably) suspicious of such train tracks providing colonizers access to their land that they would likely steal and ravage. So, when you are thinking of an RV rental Detroit is one of the places you really ought to check out.

Why Should You Rent an RV?

Therefore, if you want to see America in its entirety, at some point you will have to rent an RV. The lack of high-speed rail means that Americans must drive to enjoy the sights in every single contiguous state in this country. So, you will have to load up your camper with snacks, gas and road tunes as you make your way through either Wisconsin or South Dakota, even if you take a train in other states like Michigan and Pennsylvania. Therefore, if you are beginning your journey in the Motor City, you might as well rent an RV while you are in town so that you can appreciate the many amazing sights and natural wonders as you journey all over America.

If you would like to learn more about Detroit and the history of vehicles coming out of Motor City, please click here to learn more information about that portion of American history. It is really riveting to learn of the massive fortunes that were acquired in this period of industrialization, especially since many of these innovations are things, we now take for granted as a regular part of the auto industry. But the industry itself would not exist if it were not for the regular Americans who dedicated their lives to building cars for everyone to drive that were exported and beloved throughout the world.

The indelible link between Detroit and the auto industry is the reason you should always consider renting when you are in Motor City specifically. Yes, there are other places you might rent a recreational vehicle. But it is key to remember that giving back to Detroit is giving back to an industry that put many others on the map and enabled a period of innovation that the world is still benefitting from greatly. While we might wish there was a better challenge to the world of cars, there will always be new innovations around the corner. In the meantime, jump into your recreational vehicle and see the beauty of America from behind the wheel.

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