What are the Major Causes of Garbage Truck Accidents?

Garbage collection is necessary for a healthy and clean society. Garbage trucks are very important because they collect waste and help to keep neighborhoods clean and hygienic. Unfortunately, these massive vehicles also contribute to crashes on roads. Many garbage collecting vehicles are quite large and can cause serious damage and injuries if they are involved in crashes. Moreover, the victims involved in such incidents may incur lost wages, high medical bills, pain and suffering, and other physical damages. In such a situation, it is important for the victim to reach out to an experienced truck accident lawyer who will help to hold all the parties at fault liable. The information below explores some of the more common causes of garbage truck accidents.

Causes of Garbage Truck Accident

Poor Roads

If the roads and highways are not maintained properly, they can greatly increase the risk of collisions. For instance, if a garbage vehicle had a collision resulting from potholes or improper signage, the municipality may be held liable.

Falling Debris

Sometimes some debris or waste may not be captured by the compactor after being tossed into the garbage vehicle. Therefore, some waste may fall off. If the debris is light, it may not cause any problems. However, if the debris is sharp or very heavy, it may injure anyone it falls on. Moreover, falling debris can affect other road users too. For instance, if a driver swerves to avoid falling debris, he may hit another vehicle or object. The debris can also fall on another driver’s windshield and hamper visibility.

Driver Negligence

The driver is the one who bears the responsibility of properly controlling the vehicle. There are some blind spots in heavy garbage vehicles that can make it difficult for the trucker to see scooters, pedestrians, and joggers in close range. Therefore, the driver must be very careful and fully concentrate on the task and environment. The trucker will be held liable if he or she was speeding, under the influence of drugs, extremely fatigued, ill, or distracted by a phone.

Other Cars

Garbage truckers drive at a slow pace due to the nature of their work. They move fairly slowly so the collectors can grab the garbage cans. The other drivers may become impatient and try to drive around the garbage vehicles without knowing what is happening on the other side of the garbage truck. The impatient car driver may end up hitting a collector, another vehicle, or a pedestrian.

Falling Equipment

Cleaning and garbage collection equipment such as shovels and brooms may fall off the garbage vehicles if they are not thoroughly secured. They could result in injuries and damages if they fall on the collectors or other cars. If the collector failed to secure them in place carefully, the trucking company and the collector may be liable.


Garbage trucks are essential to keeping the streets and neighborhoods clear of the trash. Unfortunately, they can also be involved in very serious collisions due to the trucker’s negligence, poorly maintained roads, falling debris and equipment, and poorly maintained vehicles. Other impatient drivers on the road may also cause collisions while trying to overtake slow garbage vehicles. If you have been involved in a crash involving a heavy garbage vehicle, you should reach out to a professional attorney for legal assistance.

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