A Guide to Get the Cheapest Car Insurance

Auto insurance is becoming more crucial by the day with the increase in collisions and the resulting lawsuits. If you have been considering different insurance providers, then you have probably gotten a lot of varying advice from colleagues, friends, and family members, leaving you overwhelmed.

But one question must be at the top of your mind. What is the cheapest car insurance? Well, the bad news is that there is no conclusive answer to this question. To get a reasonable auto insurance quote, you must fulfill many criteria for the insurance provider. Here’s a look at some tips that can significantly lower your auto insurance quotes.

Public Transport

If you continuously use your vehicle to commute to work, you are spending more time on the road, which directly increases your chances of being in an accident. If you tend to use mass transit systems more regularly, then your quotes are much lower. You must remember that you should considerably lower your mileage before expecting a discount if you want to try this option.

Type of Car

If you drive a race car or even an expensive car, the insurer will have to pay high coverage. Race cars are more likely to have collisions, and expensive cars are more likely to be stolen. On the other hand, hybrid or any vehicles that use alternative fuels are given a discount by many insurance providers. SUVs are generally considered as high premium vehicles.


Deductibles refer to the amount of money you would have to pay before the insurer picks up the bill. If your deductibles are low, then your annual premium will be high. As you may have guessed, the inverse may also be true. Check with your agent about how many deductibles you can get a lower quote without getting the short end of the stick. If you want to avoid raising your premium by not filing small claims, then deductibles are the way to go.


If you live in a remote location with a low population, you won’t require constant coverage. However, if you reside in an urban area with a high incidence of road accidents, your quotes will accordingly increase. If you’re lucky, then your area of travel in a metropolitan region can be low-risk. Take a look at the traffic reports for your site before you seek an auto insurance quote.

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Credit Rating

Your credit rating matters not only to the bank but also to the insurance provider. If your credit rating is low, then the insurer has reason to believe that you will continuously file claims for even the smallest damage. Their logic is simple. A person who isn’t financially responsible is more likely to keep filing claims. Check your credit score and ensure that your credit rating is appreciable.


Many vehicles come with anti-theft systems such as alarms, self-locking, and trackers. Even if your car didn’t come with these systems, it is recommended to have them installed as insurance providers note this. If your vehicle is secured and guarded, then the chances of it being stolen are lesser, which means the insurer won’t have to pick up the bill resulting in a lower quote. Furthermore, many insurance providers even provide a discount if they see that you have equipped your vehicle against theft.

Additional Coverage

There are many additional coverage forms that an auto insurance provider may try to get you to buy. Rental coverage is unnecessary as most rental companies have their insurance policies, and the coverage is generally relatively low when calculated on a per-day basis.

Roadside assistance insurance is another type they may try to force on you. This is unnecessary because it knocks off minimal roadside assistance costs in exchange for a significant bump in your annual premium. You’re better off signing up with a garage or an auto club.

Safe Driving

Most important of all is being a safe driver. If you have a habit of getting pulled over for speeding or having a stack of parking tickets, there is no point in hiding them, as the insurance provider will know. The higher your number of infractions, the more likely you will continue this behavior, and insurance providers will charge massive premiums as this would make you a high-risk driver.

Bottom Line

With the number of unqualified drivers on the road, auto insurance shows no signs of becoming cheaper. So if you’re confused about what is the cheapest car insurance, you should know that most of what makes it cheaper is your conduct on the road. Start your search with the established and reputable providers and then narrow down your preferences.

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