Top 10 Best Car Shipping Companies of 2021

With all the car-shipping companies out there, how are you supposed to pick? Just look for one that has great reviews, is committed to taking care of your vehicle, and delivers on time. They should offer you insurance should your car experience damage during transport.

Decide on specifics that matter to you as we go over the unique aspects of these 10 awesome car companies. They’re in no special order, however, they each stand out in one way or another!

If you are seeking out a company to ship your car to certain locations, this guide can help. Here are the 10 best car shipping companies to consider in 2021.

1. Nexus Auto Transport

best car shipping companies

This team of professionals aims to go above and beyond. They want your experience to be stress-free, which makes them one of the best car shipping companies. They try to make your peace of mind a top priority so you don’t have to think about every little thing.

All of their shipping services are as cost-effective as possible. They’re fully insured against any accidental damages. From the pro coordinators to the certified fleet of car shipping personnel, they aim to take great care of your car from start to finish, offering both open or enclosed car-hauling!

2. Easy Auto-Ship

This company has gotten its prices down to 10% lower than the average. They were able to drop their car shipping costs down that far by offering less-expensive enclosed shipping. Save over $400 on enclosed vehicle transport while taking advantage of their extra (free) insurance.

As the name suggests, they make your part of the car shipping process, like paperwork, insurance information, etc., as easy as possible. They keep it all down to a minimum for you.

3. Sherpa Auto Transport

This company’s website is a little frustrating (they use a chatbot and have no online quotes). However, they have their focus on the essentials: honest customer service phone reps, guaranteed prices, and clean cars. Have your questions in front of you when you call so you get all the information you want and need.

Yes, they’ll wash your car for free after its journey to point B! This can be worth up to $20! No one wants to see their vehicle filthy after long-distance shipping. While it may seem like a small gesture, it makes a difference, seeing as their customer review rating is a whopping 4.8!

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4. Montway Auto Transport

This made the list for the huge number of cars they ship overall. Although this makes them a bit slower than the rest, they do have the capability to ship to Alaska and Hawaii. On top of their awesome breadth of availability, they’ll still give you a guaranteed pick-up date!

5. AmeriFreight

AmeriFreight offers a variety of discounts. You’ll notice that most shipping company options offer few to none. Their generous list of discounts includes:

  • Students
  • Return customers
  • First responders
  • Senior citizens
  • Military
  • Early birds (if you book within 2 days of receiving your quote)

This company is available within the entire US, and that includes Alaska and Hawaii. They don’t offer tracking via GPS or online quotes, but if you’re willing to overlook this, you’ll find AmerifFreight has more pros than cons. They have insured carriers and provide GAP coverage.

AmeriFreight will provide you with extra coverage. Car shipping is usually very safe, but if something happens to go awry, such as rock chips, they’re ready to take responsibility.

6. Ship A Car Direct

These guys offer a “damage-free guarantee”, meaning they’ll pay as much as $500 on your deductible if your carrier’s insurance can’t pay your claim. This is a big deal since most car shipping companies pay the least insurance possible.

You won’t get an online quote from Ship A Car Direct, but they do have lower than average prices and a lot of good reviews. Just remember to read the shipping terms and conditions before signing anything.

7. American Auto Shipping

If you’re looking for a quick quote, count on American Auto Shipping. They’ll give you your quote in less than a minute. They pride themselves on giving their customers binding quotes so there’s no room for confusion.

If you’re looking for perks, American Auto Shipping is the company for you. Although offer GPS tracking, they do boast a clean car guarantee and free car rental if they’re ever late. We respect that they don’t make false promises like some other companies out there.

8. United Routes

Are you active-duty military personnel? If so, this is the car shipping company for you. If you’re active-duty personnel you’ll get a $50 discount.

You’ll get a guaranteed quote, but you must call or request one by email. United Routes car shipping company is available in all 50 states.

9. All America Auto Transport

All American Auto Transport can honestly say they’ve been in business for almost 60 years. That’s 4 times longer than the majority of car shipping companies that exist. Although you can see they have higher prices than average they’re doing something right!

Being the most popular car transport company in the US, they’ve proven that they’ll take excellent care of cars. Their services are door-to-door and fully insured. With both open and enclosed carriers, they can handle motorcycles, 4X4’s, vans, buses, trucks, cars, and more!

10. Guardian Auto Transport

This is another one of the more pricey choices, but they’re extremely fast. We’re talking sometimes 2-3 days faster than average.

They have a convenient online chat feature (human) and overall great customer service. They do not offer quotes online so ask for one via email or phone. What matters more to you, speedy delivery or low prices?

The Best Car Shipping Companies Wrap Up

Now you probably understand why it’s so hard to give you a top 10 list of the best car shipping companies, 1 being the best, because they all have their perks. As with any relationship, if they get good reviews and prove themselves trustworthy, you’ll be a repeat customer!

But seriously, sometimes calling them up and asking some questions will help you make your decision. Also, figure out your budget beforehand and go with your gut instinct.

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