Ways to Prepare Your Car for Auto Transport

If you are moving to a new place or need to bring your car to a distant place, then you would need to work with an auto transport company to help move your car. These companies load vehicles to carrying trucks and transport them to your destination. Since your vehicle is one of your most significant assets, you want to make sure you find a company that will handle the transport well and takes care of your car.

When choosing an auto transport company, make sure to cover all the essential questions. Aside from asking about the transport process, you can also ask them how much does it cost to ship a car. Once you have chosen a company, you will then need to prepare your vehicle for shipping to ensure a smooth process.

Clean Your Car

Before you have your car picked up, wash it thoroughly and clean the inside. Washing the exterior can get rid of dust and dirt that may have covered dents or scratches in your vehicle, so you can better see the condition of your car and check if any part was newly damaged during transport. Similarly, try to remove all the things inside your car since the vehicle may be jostled while being shipped and you want to avoid causing any damage.

Check Tire Pressure

car Tyre pressure check

When on the road, you always have to make sure your car tires are correctly inflated. The same principle applies to car transport since leaving your tires overinflated or underinflated can lead to damage during loading and unloading. If your tires are at the optimum pressure level, then you should not worry about this during shipping.

Do Not Gas Up

Since your car will be loaded into a truck, you do not need to gas up before you send it off for shipping. Filling up your tank may only add weight to your car, which may lead to additional risks or costs in shipment. When you ask the company how much does it cost to ship a car, you can also ask if the weight will affect the shipping costs.

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Take a Photo

It can be easy to forget the small details of your car once you give it to the auto transport company, so make sure to photograph your vehicle and any dents, scratches, or paint chips that you may have as a record. Take the photo from different angles, so you see all the parts of your car for recording purposes as well. These photos will help you with insurance if there is any damage done to your vehicle during the transport.

Protect the Car Parts

If your car has any detachable parts like antennas, remove them for the meantime to prevent possible damage during shipping. As for undetachable parts like your side mirrors, wrap some form of protective covering, or if you have the option, fold your mirrors so they are safe and secure.

Check for Leaks

Generally, you will need to perform your regular maintenance before you send your car off for shipping. Part of this includes checking for oil or fluid leaks that may prevent your vehicle from being shipped on time. If you notice any major leak in your car, make sure to bring it to the repair shop and fix the issue before sending it to the transport company.

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