10 Common Myths About Pickup Trucks

myths about Pickup Trucks

Pickup trucks are classic and popular vehicles but many people tend to have mixed opinions about them. This is usually due to lack of research and myths which they learn from inexperienced people.

Given below are 10 common myths about pickup trucks.

1. Good Pickup Trucks Are Available Only In USA

The United States is popular for being the country where pickup trucks are used the most. However this doesn’t mean that good pickup trucks are available only in the USA.

Europe produces good quality pickup trucks. Their trucks are generally heavier and advanced than American trucks. Europe heavy duty trucks make better options for urban areas since they have a good number of CCTV cameras which enable a good overall view.

2. Driving A Pickup Truck Is Not Suitable For Women

While some people might still hold this old fashioned view, this is not true at all. Surprisingly more and more women are driving pickup trucks and this number has increased by more than 50% over the last few years.

There is also a myth that pickup trucks are unsafe for women which is not true since a lot of them come with unique safety features.

3. A Pickup Truck Is a Bad Investment

A pickup truck can be a bad investment if you don’t really need it or do a lot of hauling. Yes pickup trucks can be expensive to maintain but it is worth it if you utilize it properly.

For example pickup trucks can tow almost anything, fit stuff which won’t fit in your normal car, make it easy to move stuff to new places and eliminate a ton of delivery charges.

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4. It Is Better To Buy A Used Pickup Truck Since It Is Cheaper

Used Pickup trucks aren’t always necessarily the best option. There are many advantages in buying a new pickup truck like improved engineering and better safety features.

You will also not have to worry about the history of the truck. There are some used pickup truck models you should avoid like the Chevy Colorado, Dodge RAM1500 and the Ford F-150.

5. All Pickup Trucks Are Used For Heavy Hauling

This is a common misconception which many people have. Pickup trucks also make good family vehicles since there are many seating options available in new models.

This also makes it suitable for families who are constantly on the move since hauling furniture and other items are possible.

6. All Pickup Trucks Are Expensive And Consume Too Much Fuel

Just like any other vehicle, pickup trucks have plenty of affordable models which are easily available in the market. Some of these include the 2021 Toyota Tundra, 2021 GMC Sierra, 2020 RAM 1500 Classic and the 2021 GMC Canyon.

There are also plenty of fuel efficient models like the 2021 Ford Ranger and the 2021 Honda Ridgeline.

7. Pickup Trucks Are Old Fashioned And Nobody Uses Them Anymore

This is far from the truth. Surprisingly pickup trucks were the most used vehicles in 2020. Pickup trucks have many diverse options and can even be utilized by those living in the city. They can be used for both personal and professional purposes which make them popular even today.

8. A Pickup Truck Can Be Used On Any Kind Of Terrain

There are pickup trucks which are only meant for the road and using them on rough off road terrains can damage the tyres or put you at risk for accidents. If you want to use your pickup truck for all terrains, have some good quality all – terrain tyres installed on your truck.

9. Diesel Pickup Trucks Are Always Better Compared To Gas Pickup Trucks

While diesel pickup trucks do have better fuel economy and engines, they are also more expensive and difficult to maintain. Diesel emissions standards are also getting stricter by the day.

10. Pickup Trucks Are Dangerous Vehicles

There are plenty of pickup truck models which have many safety features. For example many modern pickup trucks now come with lane keeping assist systems, rear door alerts, automatic emergency braking and blind spot warnings to name a few.


If you are planning to invest in a pickup truck, make sure you do some research about the different models available in the market. You can also consult an experienced truck dealer if you want extra guidance.

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