Top 7 Must-have Dirt Bike Parts & Accessories

The thrill that comes with owning and riding a dirt bike is quite phenomenal. Every dirt bike rider must have a few essential parts as well as accessories within their arsenal. However, the million-dollar question is, how does one get to know what they require? There are limitless options of dirt bike parts, dirt bike parts stores, and every rider will vouch for a particular brand due to their loyalty. With so much advice from experts, online forums, and mechanics, it can get exhausting as well as confusing. To save you all that trouble, here are a must-have dirt bike parts that you must look for always.

 Dirt Bike Parts & Accessories

1. Hydration Packs

You must carry water with you no matter your riding plan. You can decide to go for traditional packages. However, they can become a pain to carry and more so when you are trying to use them while riding. Drinking water from a water bottle on a bumpy trail is no fun. On most occasions, it never ends well.

It’s why you ought to invest in a good hydration pack. It’s quite comfy and designed to become used with hands-free.

2. Pivot Levers

It’s inevitable to crash one’s bike. One apparent damage is the bent as a result of the crash. Any damage to the brakes, a bar for the clutch, is quite problematic. More so, when one is in the middle of a race and far from their means of transportation.

Due to this, pivot levers are a must-have accessory on a dirt bike. They often replace the standard bars. Rather than snapping on the impact like a standard lever would, they would pivot towards the opposite direction. They are spring-loaded and can automatically snap back into its place.

3. Skid Plates

You ought to invest in quality skid plates, no matter the decent cover on your bike’s underside. If you are planning an off-road ride, the rocks, or logs, or stumps might tear up the unprotected areas beneath your bike. The engine might also get affected pretty severely, which might result in unnecessary repairs or put your engine out of commission wholly.

You ought to select a skid plate that fits your budget as well as personal preference while checking out various online bike part stores.

4. Auxiliary Fuel Tank

While checking out various dirt bike parts, including Honda xr250r parts at MX store, don’t forget about the extra fuel tank. It’s quite a terrible experience to run out of fuel in the middle of a ride. You ought to carry your fuel tank to act as a substitute should you miss to find any gas station where you might be riding.

Some riders carry fuel jugs in their backpacks while some will use the extra water bottles with gas. However, this is an unsafe method that can cause strain to your neck. Whenever you are planning for a longer ride, you ought to know you’ll require an option to fuel up in the middle of your trail. Having a second will do you good.

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5. Toolkit

Having a toolkit is a necessity if you are a dirt bike rider. What comes to mind when you think of a tool? The mind clicks to the old rusty box with jumbled drill bits and screwdrivers in the garage. However, that’s not the kind of kit you need to look for for your dirt bike.

Your toolkit box ought to have particular items such as a tire repair kit, an extra spark plug, among other things. To save you the trouble, you can go for great toolkits that already get assembled.

Your motorcycle will require maintenance, so you must have the best toolkit with you always. You can go for a fender-mounted toolkit that’s quite portable and will allow you to have a regular fitted kit.

6. Locks

You ought to have some secure locks to ensure the security of your dirt bike. It’s one of the 1st accessories that you ought to purchase whether or not you’ll store your bike in a locked garage.

There are numerous types of locks that you can use on your dirt bike. You can choose between heavy-duty cable locks, disc locks or cable locks. Always select a lock that’s of high-quality at all times.

7. Exhaust Plug

You ought to clean your dirt bike often lest it experiences corrosion. Cleaning the bike can be a hassle as some parts can easily get damaged by the slightest touch of water. The engine is among those parts that must be taken care of at all times. There are higher chances of the engine not starting if water gets into it. That’s why an exhaust plug comes into play.

It will enable you to inhibit this predicament. It is an accessory that prevents water from entering the engine via the exhaust port. It also goes the extra mile to avoid the exhaust pipe from getting rust.

Whenever you are using the plug, you should be extra careful and remove it only after the bike is dried up. It’s also essential that you don’t forget to do so before riding the bike.

However, when you don’t have an exhaust plug, you can substitute with a plastic bag or rubber gloves over the exhaust port.

Always double-check the plug to see if it fits your dirt bike. It’s because the size will differ depending on the stroke engine.

In as much as dirt bikes are versatile, there’s the need to have essential parts and accessories. Having the right modifications at hand will enable you to have a smooth ride as well as easy maintenance. When you are looking for various dirt bike parts, including Honda xr250r parts at MX store, you must start with the essential elements as you build upon others with time. When you are at an online store, ensure you have a list of priority parts and accessories that you will require for your riding. Dirt bike riding is often unpredictable. However, with the right accessories and parts, you can become assured of the best possible adventuring experience ever under the sun!

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