Why You Should Buy a Fuel Pump for Your Car?

Your car undergoes regular preventive maintenance, whether it is seldom or often used. But sometimes, one forgets to check if the fuel system still works efficiently. For instance, a fuel pump is installed in the tank most of the time. A defective pump means the car cannot run because it is unable to draw, store, and route fuel to the engine since even the fuel filters have become compromised. Fuel pumps fail because of normal wear and tear. Dirt and rust can also lessen a car’s workability. But a high-quality pump like the Walbro fuel pump can push the fuel from the tank to the engine at a much higher pressure.

If you feel that your car is due for a fuel pump replacement any time soon, you might need to consider the following before buying one;

Why You Should Buy a Fuel Pump for Your Car

Fuel pressure for your engine

There are different fuel pressure readings for various car engines. The pressure will also be slightly altered while your car is running. Therefore, knowing your engine’s fuel pressure and capacity is vital since this will affect how much your pump can produce.


All vehicle engines have a corresponding horsepower. An increase of horsepower equals an increase in the volume of fuel required to power up the engine. The best number estimate for it is around ten horsepower per gallon to be multiplied to your pump flow. Some fuel pumps can even go up to 900+ of horsepower, depending on what your car engine needs.

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Car model compatibility

The fuel pump is not just a universal fit. Every pump and fuel tank has a corresponding size and should come with its very own fitting kits. Check if the manufacturer has one that is entirely compatible with your car’s fuel tank.

Complete installation kit

If a newer car model needs a fuel pump replacement, it would typically come with an overall package. It has the fuel pump itself, a pickup filter, wire harness, a foam isolation sleeve, and hose clamps. It should also be easy to install by yourself. If you don’t want to DIY it, then you can ask your maintenance service company to do it for you.

The manufacturer

There are a lot of good quality fuel pumps in the market today, such as the Walbro fuel pump. Unfortunately, there are also a couple of companies that sell fake parts. So it would help if you considered getting one from a trusted manufacturer. A company that makes automotive parts for more than a couple of decades is undoubtedly one who produces high-grade car parts.

The durability of the part

It is safe to say that not all fuel pumps are made equal. A popular brand may not always be the best fit for your car, especially if it might not last you more than five years of use. It would help if you researched the trusted brand for your car’s make. Try to ask your preventive maintenance center for recommendations. You can also ask your car-owner friends for endorsements. The right word of mouth for long-time brands goes a long way.

A defective fuel pump will always need a replacement. But getting a Walbro fuel pump will work best for your car’s fuel system because you are buying a high-quality part that lasts a long time. Get one from a trusted supplier.

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