Top Advantages of Automatic Transmissions

Automatic transmission vehicles have been popular in the United States since the 1950s when this transmission type was first introduced. The love for the automatic transmission began primarily due to the convenience it offered. However, the advancement in automotive technology in the last few decades has made automatic transmission a mainstream transmission type preferred by millions across the globe. Even in the two-wheelers, 125cc 4 stroke engine using automatic transmission has become highly popular among the consumers. It is much easier to drive, and the controllability it offers is much better over the manual transmission. Let us discuss some of the significant advantages of automatic transmission.

advantages of automatic transmission

Convenient and Comfortable

One of the primary benefits of automatic transmission is how simple it makes the process of driving. Even though most cars driven worldwide are manual, the popularity of automatic transmission has been rising rapidly. The involvement of the driver in the driving process is much lesser in an automatic transmission vehicle. It leads to less fatigue and enhanced driving pleasure, which especially holds for lengthy road journeys.

More Powerful

The automatic transmission vehicles are much more powerful than their manual counterparts. It is because of the absence of the “planetary” gear set. The manual transmission uses the set of gears to transfer power that increases friction and distributes the torque generated from the source. The breakage is considerably reduced as well in the process. Such a process does not occur in automatic transmission vehicles, and the torque generated from the source is not spread out. The engine can perform at its maximum capacity in an automatic transmission, and the driver can feel that power while driving.


The shifting of the gear in a manual transmission is much slower than shifting in the automatic transmission vehicles. There is a specific type of movement involved in the manual gear shifting that can lead to human error and mistiming. In automated transmission vehicles, the engagement clutches are placed at close distances. It makes the acceleration control smoother and faster.

Less Distraction and Stress

Driving a manual transmission vehicle for more extended periods is associated with increased stress in drivers. It is because of the amount of focus, it demands to keep track of gear shifting and vehicle speed, especially in off-road or mountain trails. Automatic transmission vehicles are simpler to drive and allow the driver to be more focused on the road and less on vehicle control. It is less tiring to drive an automatic transmission vehicle, including the two-wheelers that are powered by 150cc or 125cc 4 stroke engine with automatic transmission.

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Automatic or Manual Transmission – Which is Better? 

Both automatic and manual transmission has its own set of characteristics and pros and cons. It ultimately depends on the drivers’ preferences as to which one they are more comfortable with. Drivers who like to have greater control over their vehicle might choose manual transmission while the drivers who are looking for comfort and simplicity would opt for an automatic transmission vehicle.

If you are tired of driving manual transmission vehicles for years and need a change that assures you of less stress and more comfort, choosing an automatic transmission vehicle would be a great option. Most of the automotive manufacturers roll out cars with both automatic and manual transmission variants to cater to consumers with different transmission preferences.

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