CNC Machining Services

Computer numeric controlled machining (CNC) is a manufacturing process, first introduced between the 1940s and 1950s. The process involves different accurate cutting instruments that remove material from the item. Contingent upon the Computer Aided Drawing (CAD), with cutting edge programming tools can control. This manufacturing process helps you in designing a sketch for production with the opportunity of altering and making changes. The latest CNC machining services use such software that generates computer files having commands which allow it to operate the machine for production. Commonly used CNC machining services include cutting, drilling, grinding, milling, etc. Often these basic operations programmed into single units or sometimes into different heads involve in performing tasks.

CNC machining services

CNC Turning

CNC turning applied to specific kinds of parts. Manufacturers used this machining process to imprint materials and called it turning because the workpiece rotated as it works. Specialized software use to control the motion and speed of the machine for accurate and précised results. You can create round and tubular shapes with the help of the turning process and use it for designing prototypes and final products.  Turning technology can be applied to different materials like stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum, nickel, magnesium, and plastics as well.


  • You can create round and cylindrical shapes correctly and quickly using CNC machining services and repeat process until desired results achieved.
  • Commonly used for specific shapes but can perform a variety of cuts like drilling, threading, knurling, etc.
  • It works at professional standards and produces quality results.

CNC Milling

Specialized computer software is used to control the movement and speed of spindle to generate accurate and sophisticated pieces with high angled pressure. Milling is a particular kind of precision machining. It helps in shoulder and face milling, drilling, tapping, and turning. You can learn more about the milling processes by visiting 3ERP CNC milling


Milling can work at different angles so you can create different complex shapes that would be difficult for other precision machines.

It can produce pieces of various shapes, sometimes can create irregular shapes as well, if demanded.

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Electric Discharge Machine

The machine uses the electric discharge to acquire the desired shape, also known as spark eroding, die sinking, wire erosion, etc. Sinker EDM and Wire EDM are two types of electric discharge machines.

CNC Cutting

The goal is to shape the product into 2D or 3D by removing material from the workpiece using tools and techniques like laser, water jet, and plasma cutting.

CNC Grinding

For finishing the product, a cutting element of the machine removes extra material from the surface. A computer program controls these elements of CNC machining like disk, wheel, and abrasive belt. After using all CNC machining services like milling, turning, cutting, drilling, etc. particular types of equipment are used for applying other services like finishing, polishing, heating, etc

CNC Drilling

The machine can bore holes using Computer programs, into all kinds of materials of different sizes and shapes as required.

Benefits of using CNC Machining

  • Reduce labor cost
  • It is versatile
  • Produce high-quality products
  • Create a product of any size and shape
  • Efficient in producing complex designs
  • Provide quick solutions.

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