Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Energy

Wind energy is a crucial form of energy which has gained its importance from the previous decades. In this post, we are going to discuss the advantages as well as disadvantages of this most important form of energy.

First of all, let us discuss

What is Wind Energy?

Wind energy is the type of energy which is obtained from the wind. Here, the kinetic energy of the wind is utilized to produce the required power. A generator converts the wind energy into the required electricity.

Advantages and disadvantages of wind energy

Advantages of Wind Energy


Whenever we consider the most environment-friendly types of energy then, wind energy is preferable. Wind turbines don’t create any type of pollution while generating electricity from wind energy.

Wind energy is one of the types of renewable forms of energy and it does not give rise to the production of the greenhouse gases. While if you consider other non-renewable forms of energy then, they need to be burnt. In addition to that, these other non-renewable forms of energy release gases like Carbon Dioxide and methane into the environment upon burning.

Free to Use:

Wind energy is totally free to use. Anyone can use it for various applications. Also, it will never run out and that is why it is the best option for producing electricity at a very cheap price.

Low Maintenance Cost:

For keeping the wind turbines in proper running condition, you require low maintenance cost. A new wind turbine can work for years without any working issues.

Reduces the Use of Fossil Fuels:

We all know how important fossil fuels are. Wind energy limits the need for human beings to actually consume fossil fuels. In this way, it saves the limited amount of supply of fossil fuels like coal, natural gas on the earth. Now, fossil fuels can be used in areas where they actually needed.

Sustainable and Renewable:

As previously mentioned, wind energy is renewable and sustainable which gives it higher importance than the other forms of energy.

Employment Opportunities:

While generating electricity from the wind turbine, employment opportunities are created for the local people where turbines are situated. Due to this, local people may don’t have to migrate anywhere else for employment. As per the recent report, wind energy generated 10 million jobs across the entire world in 2019.

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Disadvantages of Wind Energy

Selective location:

Wind turbines can be installed in a very selective location across the world. These selective locations are those places where there is a continuous supply of wind energy. For increasing the efficiency of the turbines, wind turbines are situated on the top of the hills.

Large Capital Investment:

For maintaining the turbines, low cost is required but for installing them, huge capital is required. Because the set-up of the turbines includes various parts which are heavy and costly. For transporting these heavy parts to selective places, a considerable amount of money is invested and this is quite challenging work.

Damage to Wildlife:

As turbine blades rotate in the air, the blades of the turbines are dangerous to the flying birds and it is seen that this is also resulting in the death of certain species of birds. A small amount of noise pollution is also generated due to the turbines.

The future of wind energy looks incredible and promising. It is very amazing to see how wind energy can impact the lives of human beings by producing electricity while reducing the need for consumption of fossil fuels. Technological advancements are going on in the field of wind energy which can reduce its disadvantages.

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