Advantages and Disadvantages of Hydroelectric Energy

Do you know how to generate electricity from the water? Well, hydroelectric energy plays an important role in generating electricity from water. In this article, we will be going to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of hydroelectric energy.

What is Hydroelectric Energy?

Hydroelectric energy is the form of energy that is obtained from the moving water. Here, the moving water has kinetic energy. The flow of water turns the turbine which in turn rotates the generator for the production of the electricity.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hydroelectric Energy

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Hydroelectric energy is widely used in almost all the applications where electricity has to be generated. Now, let us see the advantages and disadvantages of hydroelectric energy.

Advantages of Hydroelectric Energy:


Hydroelectric energy is a renewable form of energy. That means that this type of energy cannot be consumed entirely. However, as water sources are going to extinct in some areas, the problem of obtaining hydroelectric energy from the water has risen. But due to the water recycling process, water resources are growing and water can be obtained in an easy way. Countries like China use hydroelectric energy to produce most of the electricity that is required in their country.

No pollution:

While obtaining the electricity from the hydroelectric energy, no pollution is produced. As there is no carbon emission, we can say that hydroelectric energy is the environment-friendly energy.


Hydroelectric power that we get from the hydroelectric energy has been known as the most trusted form of power and hydroelectric energy gives consistent electricity. That is why many countries in the world rely on hydroelectric energy to generate electricity.


Hydroelectric energy has been known as the most secure type of energy source. As there is no burning of fossil fuels, it is by far the safest mode to get the electricity.

Easy to Maintain:

The hydroelectric power plant can be easily maintained and it requires a low cost to operate it. As the flow of water is controllable, we can easily control the amount of hydroelectric power that we want. In this way, it is also the flexible form of energy in a true sense.

Though the hydroelectric energy as many advantages we also have to look at its disadvantages.

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Disadvantages of Hydroelectric Energy:

High Constructional Budget:

For creating hydraulic power plant, more budget is required. You will be amazed to know that China has built the largest power plant that costs around $28 billion for its construction. Also, a large land is required for setting up the hydraulic power plant.

Danger to Marine Species:

As due to the high-speed flow water inside the dam for creating required hydroelectric energy, marine species are in danger. Due to the high flow rate of water, most of the times flood condition is developed near the marine bodies. The flood condition then results in the relocation of the people living near these areas as well as in the destruction of the precious marine species.

Drought Condition:

Hydraulic power plants cannot be constructed in the areas where there is drought condition. As no water is available in these locations, no hydroelectric energy can be produced which in turn can’t give us the electricity.

After going through the pros and cons of hydroelectric energy, we have seen that this energy is feasible in some areas of the world while it is not useful in other areas. But as for the electricity is concerned, a hydraulic power plant is the most efficient way to generate it. And that is why the hydroelectric energy has gain its importance in the previous years.

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