Advantages and Disadvantages of Tidal Energy

Do you know the tides that we see in the sea can be used for the production of electricity? Well, here, tidal energy plays an important role in the formation of electricity. In this article, we are going to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of tidal energy. But, before, that let us see the meaning of tidal energy.

What is Tidal Energy?

Tidal energy is often known as tidal power. It is the energy that is obtained from the rise and fall of the tides. Due to the rise and fall of the tides inside the sea, a large amount of water moves towards and away from the seashore. This movement of water is the natural form of kinetic energy. Now, the turbines are located in the path of this moving water spin. The spinning turbines are connected to the generator which produces electricity. In this way, electricity is produced from the tides inside the sea. Tidal turbines, tidal barrages are the different ways in which you can actually capture the tidal energy.

advantages and disadvantages of tidal energy

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Advantages of Tidal Energy

Renewable Energy Source:

Tidal energy is a renewable energy source which is the result of the gravitation forces of the moon and the sun. The pulls from the sun and the moon along with the earth’s rotation about its axis result in the formation of the tides inside the sea. So, as long as the moon, and the earth is there, tidal energy is available.

Non-polluting Energy Source:

If you take the tidal energy then, there is no emission of hazardous gases. On the other side, if you take coal, and natural gas then, their combustion results in the formation of dangerous gases like carbon monoxide, etc. But tidal energy is environment-friendly and therefore, it is known as the green energy source.

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Electricity at the Low Speeds:

Do you know the density of the water? The density of the water is around 997 kg/m3 while the density of the air is 1 kg/m3. So, water is almost 1000 times denser than that of the air. Due to the high density of the water, it is capable of producing electricity at low speeds. It is seen that power can be generated from tidal energy at the speed of 1 minute per second.

Can be Easily Predicted:

We can trust tidal energy as the consistent source that produces electricity continuously. So, the production of the required amount of electricity from tidal energy can be predicted.

Now, let us take a quick glance at the other side of tidal energy which means the disadvantages of tidal energy.

Disadvantages of Tidal Energy:

Expensive Energy Source:

Production of electricity from tidal energy is complicated and quite expensive. Because it takes a large capital to build the tidal power plant. While constructing a tidal power plant, marine life may be disturbed.

Selective Locations:

Tidal power plants can be located in the areas which are very close to the sea. So, there is a little restriction on where these plants can be situated for the required electricity production.

New Technology:

Tidal energy is being used for electricity production from a couple of decades. So, it is still the new technology and hence it is not timely proven. Also, researchers are been working to improve this technology.

Tidal energy has a very bright future and a lot of research has to be done in this field. It is very interesting to see how the utilization of tidal energy can be done to improve the life of human beings.

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