Wind Power Advantages and Disadvantages 

From the years, wind power has played a prominent role in the generation of electricity. For the production of wind power, we use wind energy and convert it into mechanical power. Wind power gives us sustainable power and it also saves our conventional sources of energy.

Wind power has many advantages and it is very useful for human beings. But there are also some disadvantages of this wind power. In this article, we will discuss all the wind power advantages and disadvantages in detail. So let’s begin with…

Wind Power Advantages and Disadvantages

 Advantages of the Wind Power:

  • It is almost a free power:

As all the natural resources are free and so wind is also free. This wind is unlimited. So, there is no restriction on the quantity of the wind that one must use in order to produce the power. In short, no need to worry about the consumption of the fuel. On the other side, if you want to produce a larger power with the consumption of the fossil fuels. Then, there are very restrictions on it.

  • It is also pollution free:

As production of the energy from the wind does not pollute the environment, this is the best for the environment. While there are some energy sources which affect the environment drastically. So, wind power is better than many other sources from which the power is generated.

  • Cheaper in price:

For the production of the wind farms, a very moderate amount of the money is required. So, you can say that it is cost-effective.

  • Mining is reduced:

As wind is easily available, there is no need of mining for the production of the power. So, the wind power saved the efforts of mining to find the energy sources.

  • A consistent and a stable power:

Wind power is considered as more stable than other forms of the power. It is also consistent and there are very less chances that you will not get a continuous supply of the wind power.

As above stated, there are also some downsides of the wind power. Now, let us discuss them.

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Disadvantages of the Wind Power:

Wind power advantages and disadvantages

  • You require a large farm size:

If you want to establish a turbine plant in a profitable range then, the it is very essential to have a very large farm size. If the size of the land is not very large then, this production of the wind power is not that profitable. A one turbine is able to provide the electricity to more than 450 homes. In short, if the power requirement is very high as well as there is a large farm size then, only this wind power production is scalable as well as cost effective. Otherwise, you have to go for other energy resources.

  • Considerable investment and effects on the environment:

For the construction of the large turbines, huge investment is required. And while constructing such large turbines, a wildlife in the surrounding areas may get affected due to the production of the high noise. Chances of the soil erosion in the surrounding areas are also high. While constructing turbines, pollution may be produced.

  • Flickering of the shadow:

A lot of people don’t know about this disadvantage of the wind power. The people who live in the surrounding of the wind turbines may face this issue. The constructors have to avoid this issue by taking proper steps.

Also, a moderate wind speed is required to rotate the turbines. In the absence of the high-speed wind, there are very restrictions on the generation of the wind power.

So, these are all the advantages as well disadvantages of the wind power. We are sure that you liked this article and you got benefited from it. Thanks for reading our article.

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