Internal Combustion Engine Parts And Metals From Which It is Manufactured.

A metal decides the performance and limit of a machine. We are often interested in finding which metal is used in the manufacturing of an IC engine and why. In manufacturing an engine we have to use those metals which can handle the pressure and temperature of the engine and should be cheap in price. Today I am going to tell you about the internal combustion engine parts and metals which is used in IC engine and their method of manufacturing.

1. Cylinder Block:

A cylinder is made of high-grade cast iron because it is in direct contact with combustion gases. Cast iron has high compressive strength to
handle the pressure and temperature. It is made by the casting process and is usually cast in one piece.

2. Cylinder Head:

The main function of the cylinder head is to seal the cylinder and it should be light in weight. So cylinder head is usually made of cast iron or aluminum. It is made by casting or forging and usually in one piece.

3. Piston:

The piston is a prime mover in the engine. So it should be light. It is in direct contact with combustion temperature and pressure so it should have high strength to handle this pressure. Generally piston is made of cast iron but sometimes it is made by aluminum alloy. Usually, it is made by casting Process.

 4. Piston Ring:

The piston ring is usually made from the fine grain of cast iron which has high elasticity and it is not affected by the working pressure. Sometimes
piston rings are made of alloy spring steel. It is made by forging.

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5. Connecting Rod:

The connecting rod transmits the power to the crankshaft. It should have high strength. It is made of alloy steel but in small engine, it is made of aluminum to achieve lighter weight. It is made by forging.

6. Inlet Valve and Exhaust Valve:

The inlet valve admits the air and fuel into the cylinder. It is usually made of silicon chrome steel with about 3% carbon. It is made by
forging. The exhaust valve discharges the exhaust gases. It is made by austenitic steel. It is also made by forging.

7. Crankshaft:

The crankshaft converts the reciprocating motion of the piston into rotary motion. It should have high tensile strength. So the crankshaft is made of
high-tensile steel or sometimes cast iron. It is usually made by forging.

8. Piston Pin:

The piston pin is made of hardened steel so it can support and allow to connecting rod to swivel. It is usually made by forging.

9. Engine Bearing:

Engine bearings should have lubricant properties and strength to withstand moving loads. So its half is made of steel or bronze back to which a lining of relatively soft bearing material is applied.


Here we have discussed about the internal combustionn parts and metals from which they are made up of. I hope you have enjoyed the information shared. If you found this peice of information valuable then don’t forget to like and share it.

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