Car Dashboard Symbols And Meanings (Complete Guide)

If you have a car and if there is a problem with your car then a signal appears or illuminates on your dashboard. Every car owner must have knowledge of car dashboard symbols and meanings for the safety of their car or vehicle. If there is a problem that comes in your car then your car communicates with you with these warning symbols. When your car shows any symbol on your dashboard you must know what it means.

If you don’t know what it means with the symbols appearing on the dashboard of your car then don’t worry, we are going to tell your all the basic and important car dashboard symbols and what they mean. So Let’s begin …

Your dashboard light generally appears in green, blue, orange, yellow, and Red Colors. Every type of color has a different meaning.

  • Green or Blue Color: The green or blue color lights indicate and let you know which system is ON or operating.
  • Yellow Color: The orange or yellow light indicates that your car or vehicle should be repaired or serviced as soon as possible.
  • Red Color: The red light indicates that you must need immediate action and don’t run your car without rectifying the problem. Some red lights are just safety warning lights such as seat belt reminders etc. and others are mechanical lights and are very serious like engine overheating lights. If a mechanical light shows up then stop driving your car and diagnose the problem and repair it. If you still keep running your car then there may be serious damage will happen to your car that will cost you a huge amount in repair.

Car Dashboard Symbols And Meanings

List of 18 Car Dashboard Symbols and Meanings in Tabular Form

S.noSymbol NameSymbol Meaning of Symbol
1.Air Bag Warning lightAir Bag Warning LightProblem with airbags
2. Anti-lock Brake Systemanti-lock Brake System Warning lightABS is activated
3. Automatic Shift Lock or Engine Start Indicator LightAutomatic Shift Lock or Engine Start Indicator LightThe brakes must be depressed to start the engine
4. Battery Alert LightBattery Alert Warning LightProblem with the battery or its system
5. Brake Warning LightBrake Warning LightYour parking brake is engaged
6. Engine Temperature Warning LightThe engine is overheating or problem with the cooling system of your car.
7. Engine Warning Light ( Check Engine Light)Engine Warning Light ( Check Engine Light)There is a problem with your engine
8. Fog Lamp Indicator Lightfog lamp indicator light symbolFog lights are ON.
9. Low Fuel Indicator LightLow Fuel Indicator LightFuel in your fuel tank is low
10.Lane Departure Warning LightLane Departure light symbolChanging your lane unintentionally
11. Oil Pressure Warning LightOil Pressure Warning LightProblem with the oil pressure system of your engine
12.Security Indicator Lightsecurity indicator lightProblem with the anti-theft system or
engine immobiliser
13. Seat Belt Reminder LightSeat Belt Reminder LightTie your seat belt.
14. Tire Pressure Warning LightTire Pressure Warning LightAppears when one or more of your
tire pressure is low.
15. Traction Control AlertTraction Control AlertThe traction control system is activated
16. Traction Control MalfunctionTraction Control MalfunctionThe traction control system is not function
17. Transmission Temperature Warning LightTransmission Temperature Warning LightThe temperature of your transmission system is high.
18.Windshield Wiper Fluid Symbolwindshield wiper fluid symbolwindshield wiper fluid level is low.


Here we have discussed the common Car dashboard symbols and their meanings that every car owner must know for safe driving. If you ignore the warning lights then there may be a serious problem you have to face with your car working. I hope you have understood everything discussed above and if you find this piece of information valuable then don’t forget to like and share it.

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