Why Temporary Car Workshops Are Taking Garages to the Next Level?

Garages need space to carry out work on the cars they are fixing and store their tools and equipment. They also need offices, toilets, and customer waiting areas, etc. However, space can be costly or not easily available in some areas so the garages need to look for alternative solutions. Luckily, temporary car workshops help to meet these needs.

Temporary car workshops have become very popular in recent years thanks to their ease of installation, affordability, portability, and other reasons. Here are some of the reasons these structures are taking the car repair business to another level:

Temporary Car Workshops

They are Cost Effective

Vehicle repair service providers, like any other businesses, are always looking for ways to reduce their operating costs. Luckily, temporary car workshops offer them an opportunity to reduce costs because buying or renting them is far cheaper than building permanent structures.

In addition, businesses that do not own the land they operate from can lease space and erect temporary workshop buildings that they can use for several years. When the time to relocate comes, they can disassemble them without any damages or losses. This way, the companies save on buying land and building brick-and-mortar structures.

They Allow Leveraging of Auto-Shows, Pop Events, And Promotions

There are occasional events such as auto shows that attract motor vehicle owners. These can provide opportunities for vehicle repair service providers to showcase their services and attract new customers. Because the events may not have been anticipated or won’t last more than a few days, temporary car workshops are the best option because auto repair companies can set them up in a short time. All that these companies need is to get in touch with reputable temporary building providers, such as Smart-Space to buy or hire the structures that meet their needs.

Once the workshops are no longer needed, the temporary structures are easy to dismantle and transport to another place or be stored until they are needed again.

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They Allow Businesses to Operate Auto Repair Services on the Customer’s Site

One of the biggest advantages of temporary car workshops is that they are relocatable without any damage. This is because these structures are made of parts that are fabricated in factories and transported to the location they are needed, for assembly. The parts can also be dismantled without any damage.

Because they are easy to assemble and dismantle, the temporary workshops are easily relocatable. Vehicle repairers who want to operate mobile workshops can rely on them. They can buy temporary workshop buildings made up of steel frames and PVC cladding which they can relocate easily allowing them to run their auto repair services from various locations. Such mobile workshops can allow workers to work from customers’ premises to give them convenience and first-class service.

They are Flexible and Easily Accessible

Vehicle repair companies can enjoy the flexibility of the temporary car workshops that allow them to set up in any location be it in shopping malls, busy places, or other locations. The temporary structures can also be easily customised to suit different customers and types of services.

Temporary Car Workshops Can Enable the Provision of Specialised Services

Auto repair companies can set up temporary car workshops to offer seasonal services or to cater to specialised needs. For instance, a car repair service provider can install a temporary workshop to provide AC repair and maintenance services during the summer. During winter the motor vehicle service business can focus on preparing cars for cold weather. And because the temporary workshops are easy to customise for various uses, they can allow offering such services without having to incur huge costs to set up space.


Temporary car workshops have so many benefits for both car owners and auto repair companies making them game-changers in the auto repair business. These structures are cost-effective saving costs for the companies, quick to install allowing them to be used in pop-up events and promos and are portable enabling the provision of mobile workshop services.

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