Divine Enterprises: The Most Eligible Trucking Service

Divine Enterprises: The Most Eligible Trucking Service

Truck-based transport is the backbone of civilization. Humans send products by various means of transportation, but for the needs of land transportation, truck-based transportation is the most powerful. It is capable of traveling thousands of kilometers and loads of tons. But not without risk. There are always risks even when the delivery of grocery products involves a truck-supported supply chain.

There is always a risk of theft, damage, and various types of transportation crimes. The more valuable the cargo, the higher the risk. Supply chains for expensive pharmaceuticals and new electronic equipment are two examples of high-risk supply chains. For every transportation provider, minimizing the risks that might occur in the middle of a trip is something that must be done. And efforts to minimize risks must be standardized and that means they must be certified. In the US, there are various certifications related to ground transportation and the most well-known is the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA). You can view the certifications by visiting https://www.divinetrans.com/page/certifications.

Unfortunately, not all transportation companies in America have the required certifications, including TAPA. If you are an entrepreneur with a large and consistent shipment volume, entrusting the delivery of your products to a TAPA-certified transportation company (as well as other certifications) is a necessity. There are many trucking companies in America but perhaps the most prominent is Divine Enterprises. And as far as we’ve observed over the last few years, the company is the best.

Why Divine Enterprises?

Divine Entreprises is a company with a series of certifications. That means the company meets many requirements, thereby guaranteeing its quality, dedication, and experience. Each certification may take months or even years to earn. What about a series of certifications? Divine Entreprises have been certified by not just one body but several; TAPA, GDP (Good Distribution Practice), ISO 900:2015, Dun & Bradstreet Verified, and SmartWay. Again, to be certified by any of them may take several years so Divine Enterprises is not an amateur trucking company. It is an experienced transportation company with years of dedication which is evident from the certificates it holds.

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The Reasons Why Divine Enterprises Are Worthy

High-Level Security

In the world of trucking, security is freedom from all risks although that may sound utopian, closer to 100% is possible. Divine Enterprises adopts a multi-pronged approach based on regular training and inspections. To “measure” the success of this multi-pronged approach, the company uses what it calls a Safety Measurement System.

Continuous Innovation

Divine Enterprises does not stop at one point and is satisfied with it. The company continues to innovate regularly to improve service and increase customer satisfaction. As part of innovation, Divine Enterprises always tries to use the latest equipment that is proven to be able to provide beneficial results, such as reducing downtime which results in increasing the percentage of on-time deliveries. 

Fleet replacement

Ten years ago Divine Enterprises carried out a major fleet replacement to improve service quality. Since then the quality of service has improved significantly and even better than the initial expectation. With the new fleet, significant reductions in downtime can be realized and thus improve service quality.

Improved Fuel Efficiency

Divine Enterprises is required to always comply with air pollution regulations, especially since the company is based in California, the state that is the most stringent about everything related to air pollution. To increase fuel efficiency which results in reduced pollution, Divine Enterprises implements a kind of reward program for drivers who are able to achieve a certain fuel efficiency. So the company focuses not only on customers but also on the environment.

Fleet Management with the Latest Approach

Fleet management implemented by Divine Enterprises is management based on a telematics interface that allows customer support to operate 24/7 and perform status updates much faster.

After all, there are several other types of advantages offered by Divine Enterprises, but what has been written above are indisputable reasons why Divine Enterprises is the most worthy choice when we need truck transportation services.

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