Types of Clutches in Automobile

Before starting to study different types of clutches, we must know about the meaning of a clutch. A clutch is defined as a device which is used in automobiles to transmit power from one rotating shaft to another shaft. In cars, it transmits power from the flywheel connected to the engine shaft to the clutch shaft, and from the clutch shaft, it is transmitted to the rear wheels through gear shaft, propeller shaft, and differential.

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Types of Clutches

Mainly clutches are divided into 2 parts:

  1. Friction clutches and
  2. Fluid flywheel

Friction Clutch:

These clutch work on the principle of friction existing between two discs when they come in contact with each other. They are mainly used in the automobile sector such as in cars, motorcycles, buses, trucks, etc.

Working Principle of Friction Clutches

Working principle of clutch

Now let us take two discs, the first one is named D1 and the second one is D2. Disc one is rotating and disc D2 is not rotating. Move disc D1 near D2 until they make contact with each other. Now you will see that disc D2 also starts rotating with disc D1. This is possible because of the friction force that exists between the two when they come in contact with each other. On the same principle, the friction clutches work.

Fluid Flywheel:

Fluid flywheel clutches work on the transfer of energy from one rotor to the other by means of some fluid. for Example Fluid coupling and torque converter.

Types of Friction clutch:

  1. Cone clutch
  2. Single plate clutch
  3. Multi-plate cutch
  4. Semi-centrifugal clutch
  5. Centrifugal clutch

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