2024 Polaris Slingshot Model Lineup Gets Some Updates

Polaris Slingshot Model Lineup Gets Some Updates

Polaris Slingshot, known for its distinctive onroad adventure experience, continues to attract a diverse community of riders who appreciate its unique features. The open cockpit, three-wheel design, and bold styling make the Slingshot a platform for self-expression.

In 2023, the Slingshot attracted a notable influx of new customers, with 85% comprising newcomers to Polaris products. This pattern broadened the scope of the powersports giant, drawing in a more varied demographic, notably with increased multicultural and female representation compared to other Polaris lines.

Chris Sergeant, Vice President of Polaris Slingshot, expressed, “Our initial Slingshot creation was fueled by innovation, aiming for uniqueness in the market. Witnessing Slingshot evolve into a lifestyle brand has been remarkable. Owners nationwide, from diverse backgrounds, embrace the thrill of owning a Slingshot, seeing it as an expression of their uniqueness and joining a close-knit community.”

2024 Slingshot Lineup

Polaris elevates Slingshot’s aesthetic allure for 2024 through diverse premium paint selections and graphic packages. There are five Slingshot motorcycles for sale this year. SL models showcase refreshed wheels in a chic midnight charcoal metallic hue. The auditory journey gets a boost too, with the Stage 2 Audio Package now delivering 200 watts and integrated Rockford Fosgate speakers.

Slingshot ROUSH

In response to consumer interest, the Slingshot ROUSH Edition makes its comeback, merging captivating aesthetics with a performance-oriented lifestyle. This edition incorporates top-tier components and exclusive branding, enhancing both the style and performance of the Slingshot.

Built on the Slingshot R framework, the Slingshot ROUSH Edition boasts the 203-horsepower ProStar engine and elevates its profile with top-tier upgrades such as Brembo Brakes featuring unique slotted rotors, a Slingshot Excursion Top, Sparco Pedal Covers, and an exclusive race car-inspired steering wheel adorned with color accents.

Elevating its visual appeal, the Slingshot ROUSH Edition showcases a distinct graphics package that amplifies the Slingshot’s iconic aesthetics and performance with unmistakable ROUSH design cues and branding, incorporating seats sporting an exclusive design, a special edition color-coordinated layout for the instrument cluster, and sleek blacked-out badging. Manual transmission variants display a ROUSH Block “R” emblem on the gear shift knob, while AutoDrive models come equipped with standard Paddle Shifters.


Polaris provides various factory add-ons for customization, such as heated and ventilated seats, audio packages, tops like Slingshade and Excursion Top, and built-in storage solutions. On the Slingshot website, drivers can use the “Build Yours” digital tool to personalize their Slingshot with live previews and cost tracking.

New additions for 2024 comprise Excursion Top Canvas Options, Excursion Top Rear Panel, and an enhanced 200W Audio Kit by Rockford Fosgate. Over 75 accessories, featuring updated color choices, complement the fresh paint selections of the 2024 range.


The price range for the 2024 Slingshot models begins at $21,999 for the S model and peaks at $40,299 for the Slingshot ROUSH Edition. Deliveries to dealers commenced in early 2024, with further information available on the Slingshot website.

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