Seeking Legal Help After a Motorcycle Accident: 6 Factors to Consider

The number of registered motorcycle users in Charleston and the frequency of accidents is rising. Motorcycles are a great way to get out and enjoy the city’s scenery. They are fuel efficient, move better in traffic jams, produce fewer pollutants, and provide greater mileage. That said, as riders share Charleston’s busy streets with many other road users, they face the risk of accidents.

When these types of accidents happen, those involved sustain serious and even life-threatening injuries. Around 116 motorcycle-related fatalities were recorded in the state in 2021. A larger percentage of these were in Charleston due to its population.

Seeking Legal Help After a Motorcycle Accident

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident in Charleston, it’s vital to speak with a qualified attorney as soon as possible. Asserting your rights and pursuing fair compensation for your suffering and losses is essential.

However, picking the right lawyer can be tough, especially in an urban area like Charleston. Working with a seasoned Charleston motorcycle accident lawyer can help you obtain maximum compensation. Here are some things to consider when looking for legal help after a motorcycle accident.

1. Experience

A seasoned personal injury attorney understands how to deal with insurance company tactics. Moreover, they know the best legal steps to guarantee a favorable outcome for your claim.

Fortunately, motorcycle accident lawyers are experts in personal injury claims. But before you hire a lawyer, you must look at their experience in the industry.

If you want to understand more about a lawyer’s experience, check their firm’s website for past clients’ reviews.

2. Expertise

Personal injury practice is diverse. Each personal injury case has unique characteristics and aspects. For example, auto-accident claims differ from workplace-related injury claims.

Just because a lawyer has the words ‘personal injury’ in their firm’s name doesn’t mean they are qualified to handle your motorcycle accident case. Ask the lawyer if they are experienced in dealing with motorcycle accident claims and at what success rate.  

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3. Resources

Hiring a lawyer specialized in motorcycle accident cases also means benefiting from their resources. Indeed, lawyers retain diverse connections based on their areas of practice.

For example, a motorcycle accident lawyer knows experts to work with for a stronger case, including scene reconstruction specialists, police, medical experts, and insurance adjusters. They also know the support networks and resources to help their clients recover while pursuing claims. Therefore, check if the lawyer has resources and how diverse and valuable they are.

4. Communication

Communication is key to winning a substantial settlement or award. You and your attorney must agree when dealing with insurance representatives or testifying in court. During the initial consultation, you will know if a lawyer has good communication and listening skills. The more open and attentive a lawyer is, the more you can trust them for better representation.

5. Location and Availability

Don’t forget to assess the lawyer’s location and availability. Motorcycle accident cases require a lot of cooperation in dealing with paperwork, strategizing, getting your facts straight, etc. Furthermore, personal injury litigation can take several months or even years. Choose an attorney dedicated to their work. Ensure they are within your area and will show up for meetings and discussions.

6. Their Fee Rate and Terms & Conditions

Of course, it’s essential to inquire about the terms and conditions of payment and exact rates. You don’t want to enter into a contract with a lawyer only to experience trouble later because you can’t afford their fee. Look for an attorney with favorable fees and terms of payment. Most attorneys provide contingency contracts, meaning they only take payment if they win. Just ensure they don’t take too much, leaving you with fewer funds after the settlement or award.

At the same time, don’t pick a particular lawyer just because they charge very low fees. Usually, you get what you pay for. Check the quality of service, i.e., their experience, expertise, communication skills, and the availability and usefulness of diverse resources. Most importantly, ask for clarifications or, better yet, get written proof to avoid future misunderstandings.


Choosing a lawyer after an accident can seem easy, but you might put the wrong person on the job if you are not careful. Each personal injury case is special. If you have a motorcycle accident case, look for a lawyer experienced in dealing with claims similar to yours.

Furthermore, ensure they have plenty of useful resources, good communication skills, and better terms and conditions. Above all, they should be within your locality and always make time for you. Speak with a qualified motorcycle accident lawyer today and learn how they can help.

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