Top 5 Reasons to Wear Motorcycle Jeans

Are motorcycle pants worth the extra bucks? Or would you rather use regular jeans instead?

You would probably not consider investing in these pairs if you are an amateur rider. For why would you shell out that big amount for motorcycle jeans?

If you haven’t watched or read horror stories of bike crashes, then you should start checking them out. Many survivors attest that proper riding gear helped save their precious lives. A helmet is not enough as it only protects your head. As a responsible rider, you should also advocate wearing motorcycle jeans – it protects your lower extremities from injuries in the event of an accident, particularly your knee, hip, and sheen.

motorcycle jeans

A study about motorcycle safety found that the lower extremities have a high level of injury. This led to the design and creation of jeans that provides high-impact protection in these areas. Manufacturers studied and gathered materials that are highly abrasion-resistant. If this type of clothing is used and you figure in an accident, you are expected to only suffer bruises, lost skin, and a few cuts. But not a broken lower extremity, depending on the gravity of the accident.

Set aside the rugged look you ought to portray as a motorcycle rider and know these important reasons for wearing biker’s jeans.

1. Reduces Impact and Abrasion

First and foremost, protection from accidents. While you cannot prevent them from happening even with extra caution, you still have to be ready in case it happens. Compared to regular jeans, riding pants don’t easily rip off, safeguarding your skin from a strong impact. These jeans are designed with padding and abrasion-resistant fabric, thick enough to protect you but as stylish as your favorite jeans.

2. Weather Protection

Riding pants may be used in all weather conditions. But there are specific ones unless you are a little picky about it. Since these pants are waterproof, you can use them during the rainy season, but they can also keep you dry and warm during chilly days. If you choose economy, save for a pair that can withstand different weather conditions. Think long-term, as they say.

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3. Assist Airflow Ventilation

Riding pants are cheaper than leather pants. Aside from that, it offers breathability while giving enough protection. However, it would depend on the type of riding pants you buy because some offer all the riding comfort with extra protection. Expect that these are more expensive, too. Some are ventilated with air vents that you can open during the hot summer months. While some are simply breathable.

4. Heat Resistant

A pair of jeans that can protect you from the elements like the sun’s heat, debris, or stones that might hit you while on the road, is more of a need than a want. In different riding situations, you ought to be wearing jeans that are heat resistant. In case of an accident and your bike drops on your leg, you are protected from the hot exhaust pipe. That is one less thing to worry about.

5. Better Comfort

Compared to denim pants, the fabric used in riding pants is more comfortable, especially if you are on a long journey. Given that it is made of high-grade materials that can withstand all types of weather, it is designed to follow the contour of the human body. The pads are properly placed in areas that need utmost guarding while providing all the comfort the rider needs. No matter how tough the protection it offers, these pants are still light and comfortable.

Whether for burning temperature or friction, the best protective jeans for riding are still motorcycle jeans. Sure they are expensive, but how much are you willing to pay for accident protection, comfort, and looking casual all at the same time? Ride safer and longer with motorcycle jeans!

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