Top 5 Best Electric Scooter in India of 2024


Nowdays the people want an alternate for the petrol scooters that they are driving. They create a lot of damage to the environment. The Pollution created by these vehicles are increasing and results in global warming. The electric scooters are the best choice for the people to drive with. They are environment friendly and keeps it greener and cleaner. The adoption of electric scooter in India is growing very fast with a lot of variety available. In this article, we will talk about the Top 5 Best electric scooter in India of 2024. After reading this post, You can easily choose one for you. So lets begin to explore.

Best Electric Scooter in India

5. Hero Electric Optima CX

Key Specification

Riding Range89 Km
Top Speed48 Kmph
Battery Charging Time4.5 Hrs
Kerb Weight93 kg
Battery Capacity2 kWh

4. Bajaj Chetak

bajaj chetak Electric Scooter

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Key Specification

Price Range (Ex showroom)1.15 – 1.44 Lakh
Riding Range89 Km
Top Speed73 Kmph
Battery Charging Time3.5 Hrs
Kerb Weight134 kg
Battery Capacity3.2 kW

3. TVS iQube Electric

TVS iQube

Key Specification

Price Range (Ex showroom)97,307 – 1.85 Lakh
Riding Range75 Km
Top Speed82 Kmph
Battery Charging Time4.18 Hrs
Kerb Weight129.7 kg
Battery Capacity2.2 – 5.1 kW

2. Ola S1 X+

Key Specification

Price Range (Ex showroom)89,999
Riding Range100 Km
Top Speed90 Kmph
Battery Charging Time 7.4Hrs
Kerb Weight134 kg
Battery Capacity2.9 kW

1. Ather 450X

Ather-450X electric Scooter

Key Specification

Price Range (Ex showroom)1.54 Lakh
Riding Range110 Km
Top Speed90 Kmph
Battery Charging Time4 Hrs 30 mins
Kerb Weight134 kg
Battery Capacity3.7 kWh


Here we have discussed about the top 5 Best electric scooter in India of 2024. I hope you have enjoyed the post and now you can easily select one for you. If you like the information shared here then don’t forget to like and share it.


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