What is the Average Back Injury Settlement Amount?

Getting injured in an accident is painful, time-consuming, and costly. The only thing that can make it worse is if the injuries were to your back. Your spine is a particularly sensitive part of your body. Treatments for the back are expensive and injuries often require surgery. Unfortunately, without seeing a person’s individual medical bills and interviewing them, it would be impossible to determine an approximate amount for an insurance settlement.

Average Back Injury Settlement Amount

There are several different ways a person’s back can be injured in an accident. The kind of treatment that an injured person may require also varies from person to person. However, an insurance company should be expected to pay for all of your doctor’s visits and surgeries related to the injury.

An experienced and diligent attorney may be able to get you money for pain and suffering. If the damage to your back left you disabled, your lawyer should be able to get you money for future medical care.

The best thing you can do to ensure a good settlement is to collect evidence, stay in contact with the insurance company, and hire an aggressive attorney who is well versed in personal injury law.

Steps to Take After an Accident

If you are injured in any kind of accident whether it is work-related, a slip and fall, or a car crash, you should take pictures and get names of any witnesses if you are able. If you are injured at a business, make sure to get the name of the insurance company. If you are injured in a car accident, you should make sure to call the police and wait for them to arrive at the scene. In the case of any accident that does not take place at a personal home, there will be an accident report, so be sure to request a copy of it.

Finding Out What Kind of Back Injury You Have

If your back hurts after an accident, there are a few kinds of tests they are likely to perform at the hospital. They will x-ray you to see your bones alignment and see if you have any broken bones. An MRI can detect injuries such as herniated disks and intrinsic problems with bones, ligament, and tissues that an ex-ray might not reveal. They may also give you a blood test to make sure you don’t have an infection and an EMG to make sure your nerves are responding properly.

You will want to save the bills from every medical appointment that you have as well as the results of any test you have. You should save the receipts for any medications that you take, both prescription and non-prescription.

Contacting the Insurance Company

When you call your insurance company, the person you talk to is likely to ask to record the call, but you are under no obligation to let them. You should never answer a question if you do not know the answer. When they finally make you an offer for your injuries, you should never accept that offer before talking to an attorney. Insurance companies often try to lowball their customers and a lawyer will be seasoned in negotiating with them.

A back injury can change your life drastically and it is important to get the money you deserve. You can learn more about injury settlements here.

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