What Can Happen if You Drive a Vehicle Without Insurance?

There are some people who love to drive. They can’t imagine life without a car, and they got one as quickly as possible as soon as they got their driver’s license. They appreciate cars, not just as ways to get from Point A to Point B, but also because of the freedom they represent.

It’s true that if you own a car, you can essentially go anywhere at any time you want. There is an escape waiting for you right there in the driveway. You can drive it to work or the grocery store, or you could hop in and head to Los Angeles or New York on a whim.

However, the law in every state requires you to have a minimum insurance amount, just the same as a driver’s license. If the cops pull you over, they’re going to ask for your insurance information right after your license and registration.

Some people don’t seem to realize or acknowledge how vital having minimum insurance coverage is. Let’s talk about some of the possible consequences if you decide to hit the road without it.

What Do You Need Auto Insurance?

 What Can Happen if You Drive a Vehicle Without Insurance

You might not feel like driving uninsured is that bad. Perhaps you think that you don’t have to worry about the potentially serious consequences of driving without insurance because you’re such an excellent driver that nothing will ever happen to you.

The issue isn’t how good or bad of a driver you are. You might be the best driver to ever get behind the wheel, but that’s still no guarantee that the people around you will be any good at it.

Another driver might hit you. They may be a brand-new driver who made a traffic mistake, or perhaps another vehicle slides on the ice during the winter and runs into you. There are dozens of other possible accident scenarios.

If that happens, then the police will come, and with one hundred percent certainty, they will ask for your insurance information. If this happens, you didn’t cause the accident, but you’ll still get in every bit as much trouble for driving with no insurance as you would if you caused the collision.

What Are Some Possible Consequences if You Drive Without Insurance?

If the police do determine that you don’t have adequate insurance, this can easily limit the compensation amount to which the accident might entitle you. This is a problem if the other driver caused the accident and severely injured you. You’ll need to try and recoup money for doctor bills, medical expenses, prescription drugs, and so forth, and you may not be able to get it.

If an investigation determines that you caused the accident, then you will also have to cover all of those damages out of pocket if you have no insurance. That could be many thousands of dollars, and you might not have it. You may have to declare bankruptcy if you can’t sell off your assets or drain your bank accounts to cover the damages.

The state might decide to suspend or revoke your license. They might slap you with hefty fines on top of what you owe to the other driver. You might even face jail time, particularly if the police also determine that you ingested alcohol before the accident occurred.

What’s the Solution?

The solution to each of these issues is simple enough. You must never drive a vehicle unless you’re sure that you have the proper insurance amount for it.

Even if you have your license, your car’s gas tank is full, and it’s sitting ready for you in the driveway, you should consider it to be off-limits until you pay for an adequate insurance policy. Once you have a printout stating that you have sufficient insurance and you’ve stowed it safely in your glove compartment, or else you have your insurance company’s phone app to show authorities your policy, only then can you drive safely.

If you don’t actually have the money to pay for adequate insurance, don’t drive the vehicle again until you do. Take the train or bus to get to work, or ask someone else for a ride if you need to go somewhere. You might also utilize a ride-share service like Uber or Lyft.

The one time you decide to risk driving without insurance could easily be the time that someone plows into you. It’s not worth the risk when you think about what the consequences could be.

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