A Detailed Guide on Ceramic Coating for Your Car

For most car lovers out there, protecting their cars’ exterior is as important as protecting the engine. Whether it’s a new car or old, they want it to shine like a brand new one as long as possible.

Starting from traditional wax to various new techniques continually popping up in the market, it’s a bit challenging to determine which option is right for you.

However, if you’re into the internet a bit more recently, you must’ve seen the videos of dirt and mud being thrown on a hood and sheeting off instantly without leaving the slightest mark.

You must be wondering about this technique and eagerly waiting to apply it to your vehicle. It’s called a ceramic coating, which is an excellent way to protect your car’s paint.

Ceramic Coating – An Overview

A Detailed Guide on Ceramic Coating for Your Car

A ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that is used to cover a vehicle’s exterior without altering its original painting.

Also known as nano-coating, it’s applied by hand to the exterior of a car to protect it against various issues such as dirt, mud, and contaminants, among others.

The ceramic coating forms a fine, thin layer that is entirely invisible to the eyes using nanotechnology. Since the particles are so tiny, they can quickly seal all the pores when applied to the surface, thus making it hydrophobic.

Due to this nature of the particles, the coating also makes your car resistant to dirt, mud, UV-rays, scratches, and even chemicals.

Available Options for Ceramic Coating

If you’re interested in making your auto surface ceramic-coated, you basically have two options – you can go to a professional for the coating, or you can do it yourself.

Based on your vehicle’s quality and your budget, both the choices are viable and have their own benefits and downsides.

Professional Ceramic Coating

Although a bit pricey, a professional ceramic coating will provide your car much durability, along with several other benefits.

Coating done by a professional is expected to last for 10 years or more, depending on how you take care of it. There have been so many companies in recent years that provide a professional coating with utmost accuracy.

For instance, if you’re looking for car paint protection in Sydney, you will find some professionals who can guarantee you that the vehicle will be protected against dirt, pollution, chemical,  aging, and degradation.

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DIY Ceramic Coating

If you have a tight budget but still want to protect your auto surface, you can opt for some DIY kits.

These kits are specially formulated so that anyone with less or no experience can apply them. They are less sensitive than a professional-grade coating but offer excellent protection compared to paint sealants and traditional waxes.

While these kits are quite affordable, they will provide protection to your car for around 2-3 years, which is much lesser than the professional one. However, considering the price, it’s still a better option to choose.

Why You Should Go for a Ceramic Coating

The popularity of the ceramic coating is increasing day by day and for good reasons. Compared to other traditional protective methods, this coating offers more than just making your car shiny and new.

It Will Make Your Car Hydrophobic

The coating will make the exterior of your car extremely water repellent, thanks to its nanotechnology.

Its incredible hydrophobic effects will make the water roll off the surface along with mud, dirt, and grime, keeping your car clean for longer in-between washes.

Due to this feature, cleaning your car will be extremely easy and less time-consuming.

The Coating is Anti-Stick

Mud clung onto the surface can make your vehicle look dirty and cheap, and it’s also difficult to wash. With a ceramic coating, this isn’t an issue at all.

The coating works much better at protecting the exterior compared to any other car painting methods. You will literally see the mud sliding off the surface, instead of sticking to it.

It Offers protection Against Oxidation, UV Rays, & Rust

Cars exposed to the sun for a longer time tend to fade and look dull. It’s because the sun’s UV rays cause oxidation of the paint, thus making it look quite unattractive.

Adding a layer of nano-coating can dramatically reduce the oxidation, and your car will look as fresh as it did when you first drove away from the dealer’s parking lot.

It makes Your Car More Durable

There’s no doubt that with an extra layer of protection, your car will remain protected for a more extended period. Nano-coating bonds with the molecular structure of the auto’s original paint. So it can’t be removed by an external force.

The car will be more resistant to any kind of physical hazards, such as scratches, rocks, and other particles while you’re on the road. You don’t have to work hard to take care of it.

Is There Any Limitation?

While there are so many things a nano-coating can do to your vehicle, it also has some limitations. There are many misconceptions regarding the protection, which it doesn’t offer.

It Won’t Make Your Car Bullet-Proof

If you think a ceramic coating will make your car bullet-proof, you’re wrong. Even the best coating will not protect your car from such potential hazards.

It Will Not Last Forever

Nothing lasts forever, not even the expensive nano-coating on your car’s paint. While it will protect the surface for more than a decade, you need to consider reapplying it when the time comes.

It doesn’t Replace Proper Care

Most people don’t understand the importance of regularly washing their cars once they have a ceramic coating.

However, the truth is, having a coating doesn’t necessarily eliminate the need for proper care. While it decreases the frequency, you still have to wash your vehicle from time to time.

Final Thoughts

Considering some of its limitations, a ceramic coating is still the best option available for your car right now. Apart from just making your car look beautiful and new, it will also protect it from elements like dirt, mud, and sun.

It may look a bit costly, particularly if you get the coating done by a professional. However, going for a nano-coating can literally save your vehicle from damages that will eventually cost more.

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