Difference Between Gas Turbine and Steam Turbine

The difference between gas turbine and steam turbine can be done on the basis of components, space for installation, mass per Kw produced, installation and running cost efficiency, control with the changing load condition, starting, efficiency, and dependency on water supply.

Difference between gas turbine and steam turbine

What is Gas Turbine?

In a gas turbine, the air is taken from the atmosphere and then compressed in the compressor. The compressed air is then passed into the combustion chamber, where it is heated. The hot compressed air is then made to flow over the blades of the turbine which imparts the rotational motion to the turbine. The major portion of the energy that is developed by the turbine is used to derive the compressor and the remaining is utilised for doing useful work. The gas turbine is mainly used in the gas turbine power plant. The gas plant maintenance is low as compared with the steam turbine power plant.

What is Steam Turbine?

In a steam turbine, the high-velocity steam is made to strike on the turbine blades. As the steam strikes on the blades, it rotates the rotor of the turbine. The generator is connected to the gas turbine also starts rotating and produces electricity.

Difference Between Gas Turbine and Steam Turbine in Tabular form:


Gas Turbine

Steam Turbine

1. In the gas turbine, the compressor and combustion chamber are important components. In the steam turbine, the steam boiler and accessories are important components.
2. Less space for installation is required. More space for installation is required.
3. The mass of gas turbines per kW produced is less. The mass of the steam turbine per kW produced is more.
4. Less installation and running cost.  More installation and running costs.
5. With the changing load conditions, its control is easy. Its control is difficult, with the changing load condition.
6. The starting of this turbine is easy and quick. The starting of the steam turbine is not easy and takes a long time.
7. A gas turbine does not depend on water supply. A steam turbine depends upon water supply.
8. Its efficiency is less. Its efficiency is high.

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