Components Of An Automobile

When we are going to study about the subject automobile, the first question that comes in our mind is that what is an automobile. Here we are going to defined what is an automobile. In simple language it is defined as a wheeled vehicle which carrys its own motive power units.

Main Components of An Automobile 

the automobiles that we see around us has the following components

  1. The basic structure.
  2. The power plant.
  3. The transmission system.
  4. The auxiliaries.
  5. The controls.

The Basic Structure

It consists of frame, the suspension system, axels, wheels and tyres.
Main components of Automobile

Power Plant

It constitutes the Internal combustion engine which provides the power to derive the vehicle. there are so many types of engine IC engine which are used in automobile. Some of them are 2 stroke engine, 4 stroke engine, Wankel rotary engine etc
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Transmission System

It consists of a clutch, a gearbox (also called transmission) which gives four, five or even six different ratios of torque output to torque input, a propeller shaft to transmit the torque output from the gearbox to the rear axle and a differential gear to distribute the final torque equally between the driving wheels.
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It consists of mainly electrical equipments. The electrical equipments which are common to almost all types of vehicles are:
  1. Supply system: battery and generator.
  2. The starter: It is used to crank the engine.
  3. The ignition system: Ignition system is used to produce the spark inside the IC engine. For example Battery Ignition System , Magneto Ignition System and Electronic Ignition System
  4. The auxiliary devices:
  • Driving lights: headlights, sidelights, tail lights, number plate illumination, etc.
  • Signaling: horn, direction indicator, and the brake light.
  • Other lights: interior roof lights, panel light and reverse light if fitted (this starts automatically when reverse gear is engaged).
  • Miscellaneous: radio, heater, fans, electric fuel pump, electric windscreen wipers.

The Controls

The controls of an automobile consist of:
  1. Steering system: It gives us the power to move our vehicle in any direction according to our wish.
  2. Brakes: Brakes are used in automobiles to stop the vehicle when it is required. the brakes that are used in today’s automobiles can be Drum brakes, disc brakes, air brakes, etc.

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