What Does RPM Stand For?

rpm meaning

The rpm stand for Revolution Per Minute (RPM). It is the measure of the speed of any rotating object. In cars the engine with higher rpm has higher power and runs with faster speed. If you are running two cars with different RPM then the cars with higher rpm has greater speed  as compared with other car. Here in this post we will try to cover everything what does rpm stands for?

RPM Definition

The full form of Rpm is revolution per minute. The speed of a rotating object is measured in rpm. Higher rpm means higher engine power, higher speed and more fuel consumption.

In most of the cars we have tachometer where the engine rpm is indicated. The rpm in tachometer is indicated as 1×1000 or 2×1000, 3×1000 etc. You can see in the diagram of the tachometer above. There is red zone (generally in Manual Transmission). If your rpm is in red zone then it may cause a serious damage to your vehicle if you drive on it. So reduce your speed and make it to return in safe zone (other then red).

2×1000 = 2000 rpm,

It means that the engine crankshaft rotates 2000 times in 1 min. Every vehicle has it maximum power value at a specified rpm. For example: Hyundai Verna gives its maximum power of 157.57bhp@5500rpm. It means that at 5500 rpm we got maximum power output of 157.57 bhp (Brake Horsepower).

In automatic transmission, the engine sensor automatically cut of the the power to keep it in safe zone and prevent the damage to the engines of the vehicle.

Formula of RPM

RPM = Number of Revolutions/ time in minute

Lets understand the formula of rpm with an example:

Example: Suppose a disc rotates 5000 revolution in 10 minutes then find the rpm of the disc.

Solution: Here we have 5000 revolutions of the disc that it does in 10 minutes. So by applying the formula of rpm.

rpm = 5000/10 = 500 rpm

The rpm of disc is 500. It means that the disc rotates 500 times in one minute.


Here have learnt about What Does rpm Stand For and its formula. I hope you have clearly grasp the topic. If you found this post valuable and useful then don’t forget to like and share it.

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