What are The Uses of Screwdrivers?

What is a Screwdriver?

A screwdriver is a tool that is used to drive screws into and out of any object. The objects may be wood, plastic, metals etc. The screwdriver tip is designed in such a way that it fits the grooves or recess on the head of the screws. When The head of the screws has a linear recess then the screw type is Flat Head Screwdriver and so on. Here we will learn about the Uses of Screwdrivers in various fields. So let’s begin our Research …

The type of grooves for recess on the head of the screws decided the types of screwdriver to be used.

Uses of Screwdriver

Almost in every industry, the screwdriver is used. Whether it is the automotive industry, woodworking, computer hardware, Electronics, electrical, computer, jewelry, manufacturing etc, all require screwdrivers for their working. Without it, you can’t even open a single screw from its place. So let’s see their uses in different fields…

1. Automotive Industry:

In automotive industries, the screws have a crucial role in repair and maintenance. you can not even open a single screw without a screwdriver. You need a proper type of screwdriver to open a particular type of screw.

2. Woodworking:

In carpentry, the screwdriver is used to join two wood pieces together with screws. It forms a strong joint when tightened properly. Every Woodworker has a set of screwdrivers to work on different types of screws.

3. Computer:

During the repair work of computers, a set of screwdrivers or screwdriver bits is used to open various electronic components fastened with screws of different sizes. Mostly screwdriver bits or small screwdrivers known as precision screwdrivers are used in computer repair works.

4. Electronics Industry:

In electronics items, mostly screws are used and during their repair work, we have to unscrew them. A Screwdriver is used to unscrew the screws. Precision screwdrivers are commonly used types of screwdrivers in electronic industries.

5. Electrical Industry:

Whether you are hanging your fan or repairing any electrical items like a switchboard, you need a screwdriver to do that. Almost in every industry where screws are used, we need a screwdriver to drive screws in and out. Most commonly flat head, Phillips, and pozidriv screwdrivers are used in electrical industries.

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Types of Screwdrivers and Their Uses With Pictures

Types of ScrewdriverImageUses
1. Flat Head ScrewdriverFlat Head ScrewdriverIt is used to operate screws having a Plus sign
identation on their heads.
2. Phillips ScrewdriverPhilips Head ScrewdriverThey are used in automotive, Electronics, electrical industries. They fit with the screws having indentation as shown on the left.
3. PozidrivPozidriv ScrewdriverThey are used in automotive, Electronics, Electrical
4. Hex ScrewdriverHex ScrewdriverIt is used to operate bolts and screws with hexagonal heads.
It is best suited for bike repair and wood industries.
5. TorxTorx ScrewdriverIt is used to drive torx head screws and bolts. Mostly used in the automobile, construction, and security industries.
6. RobertsonRobertson ScrewdriverThey drive screws with square shape recesses on their head
These are most commonly used in woodworking industries.
7. Precision 
It is used to repair small devices such as calculators,
Watches, computers, and mobile phones.
8. Tri-Wing Tri-wing Screwdriver
These are used in the aerospace industry to operate screws
and bolts having recesses of tri-wing type.
9. OffsetOffset Screwdriver
These are used to operate screws which are in tight spaces where rotation is not easy with regular screwdrivers.
10. Ratcheting ScrewdriverIt is used when you have to apply a turning force on the screws in one direction only.
11. Spanner ScrewdriverThese are used to drive two-hole screws used for security purposes. Screws used in number plates of your cars etc.
12. Multi-bit ScrewdriverIt is used to hold different types of bit of screwdrivers during repair.
12. Multi-bit ScrewdriverIt is a battery-operated screwdriver that is used to turn screws without turning it with your hands.
14. Clutch ScrewdriverIt is a battery-operated screwdriver that is used to turn screws without turning it with your hands.
15. Jeweler’s Screwdriver
It is used to do fine work in electronics, watches, eyeglasses, and the jewelry industry.
16. Computer ScrewdriverThis screwdriver is used to drive torx screws used in computers. It operates screws used in computer parts like harddisk, fans, heat sink, etc.
17. JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard)
These screwdrivers are designed to be perfectly used on Japanese screws.


Here we have discussed the Uses of Screwdrivers with their pictures. I hope you have clearly understood the uses of each screwdriver. If you found this piece of information valuable and useful then don’t forget to share it as much as possible.

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