What is Wrench-Definition, Types, and Uses With Pictures?

What is a Wrench?

A wrench is a tool that is used to apply torque on rotary fasteners like nuts and bolts. It also provides a grip on the fastener while turning it. 

The other name of the wrench is Spanner.  In some countries like New Zealand, UK, and Australia it is called spanner.

Spanners or Wrenches most commonly come with open-ended, ring-ended, or combined (open and ring end).

Wrench Definition

A tool that has the ability to apply torque on rotating fasteners to make it open or close is called a Wrench or Spanner.

A high Quality wrenches are made with Chromium-Vanadium Alloy steels and made with drop-forged. They are generally Nicker-chrome-plated so that they remain corrosion-resistant and can be cleaned easily.

How Wrenches Are Made?

Uses of Wrench or Spanner

The function of a wrench or spanner is to apply turning force ( Torque) on fasteners to make it open or tight. It can only used on rotating fasteners to open it, close it or hold it to prevent turning.

  • A wrench is used to open and close nuts, bolts, and rotating fasteners.
  • It is used in plumbing to turn cylindrical objects (pipe).

Types of Wrench

  1. Open-End Wrench
  2. Box End Wrench
  3. Combination Wrench
  4. Adjustable Wrench
  5. Torque Wrench
  6. Pipe Wrench
  7. Pedal Wrench
  8. Crowfoot Wrench
  9. Ratcheting Wrench
  10. Striking Wrench
  11. Socket Wrench
Types of WrenchImageDescription
1. Open-EndOpen nuts and bolts in tight spaces.
2. Box End Wrench– It holds the nuts and bolts more tightly
then open-end.
– Used where there is a space around the
nuts and bolts.
3. Combination Wrench– Great for opening tight nuts and bolts.
Closed-end losen it and open end unscrew it
4. Adjustable WrenchIt can use used to operate on variety of
nuts and bolts with a single wrench.
5. Torque WrenchTights nuts and bolts to specified value of Torque
6. Pipe WrenchIt is used to work on pipes in Plumbing.
7. Pedal WrenchIt is used for bicycle or bike pedals to make tight
or remove it for transportation.
8. Crowfoot WrenchIt is used with a ratchet to operate nuts bolts
which are hard to reach.
9. Ratcheting WrenchIt opens and closes nuts and bolts when you
do not want to lift the wrench to reposition it.
10. Striking Wrench– Great for opening tight nuts and bolts.
– Closed-end loosen it and open-end unscrew it
11. Socket WrenchUsed for loosening or tightening fasteners like
nuts and bolts very easily.

How to Use Wrench?


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