What is Bolt and its Types?

A bolt is a type of fastener which is used to join two parts together. The bolts join the part non- permanently i.e. the parts may be separated from each other by using an appropriate tool. Nuts are also used on the bolts so as to make the fastening process more effective.

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Parts of a Bolt

A bolt comprises of two parts and these are

1. Head:

The upper portion of the bolt is called head. The head may have different shapes. The shape of the head depends upon the purpose for which the bolt is required.

2. Shank:

The cylindrical portion of the bolt is called shank. The tail end of the bolt is threaded to a sufficient length so that a nut can be engaged on it. And also the end of the shank is chamfered for inserting in a hole and a nut on it easily.

Specification of a Bolt

In order to completely specify a bolt, it is necessary to mention these eight features:

  1. Shape or form of the thread
  2. Pitch on the bolt
  3. The shape of the head
  4. Outline of the body, barrel, and stem
  5. Size or diameter
  6. The direction of the thread ( as right-handed or left-handed)
  7. Length and
  8. Material as steel, brass, etc.

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Dimensions of a Bolt


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Materials of Bolt

The materials through which the bolt is manufactured are aluminum, brass, copper alloy, plastic, steel, harden steel, stainless steel, and titanium. The selection of materials for the making of the bolt depends upon where it is going to be used.

Types of Bolts

  1. Anchor bolt
  2. Carriage bolt
  3. Elevator bolt
  4. Flange bolt
  5. Hanger bolt
  6. Hexagon bolt/Tap bolt
  7. Lag bolt
  8. Machine bolt
  9. Plow bolt
  10. Sex bolt
  11. Shoulder bolt
  12. Square head bolt
  13. Stud bolt
  14. Timber bolt
  15. T-head bolt
  16. Toggle bolt
  17. U-bolt
  18. J-bolt
  19. Eye bolts

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