How To Stay Safe When Waiting For A Tow Truck? Our Top 7 Tips

You can rarely predict if or when your car will break down but when it does happen, it can be frustrating and a scary experience. The surroundings of where your car stops working can also increase the level of stress and the importance of retaining your personal safety. This article will explore our top 7 ways to keep safe whilst waiting for your car to be towed.

Staying Safe When Waiting For A Tow Truck

1. Alert Other Drivers

The quickest and easiest way to alert drivers around you that something is wrong is to turn on your hazard lights. This button is located on your car’s dashboard, often in the center console, and has a red triangle symbol. This will turn on both indicators to flash simultaneously which demonstrates that there is a hazard of some sort. A failure to do this can leave the person behind you wondering why you aren’t moving, or why you may have to suddenly change lanes – either to a left-hand shoulder or to turn off an exit if you are on the highway. As this is a quick maneuver, it can be done at the same time as trying to move to a safer location.

2. Move To Safety

To avoid blocking traffic, you want to move your car to a safe place (if possible). This could look like moving to the far left lane, turning into a quiet street, or physically moving your car onto the footpath so it is out of the way. The highest priority, of course, is your safety. When you exit the vehicle, do this from the passenger side or the side of the vehicle that is furthest from traffic. Unfortunately, remaining in the vehicle or too close to the vehicle increases the risk of injury or potentially death if your car is hit by another.

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3. Collection of Personal Information

If you have been in a car accident with another person, you will need to collect all of their personal information so you can make an insurance claim. Most insurance companies will need the following:

  • First and Last Name
  • Address, Phone Number, Email Address
  • Car Make and Model
  • Car Registration Number
  • License Number (easiest way is to take a photo of their license)
  • Their Insurance Company

If you are the driver at fault, the other person will need to collect the above information of yours. It is best to get both from each person to make the claims process as quick and easy as possible.

4. Contact A Tow Truck Company

Now that you are away from your vehicle, you want to ring a trustworthy Brisbane tow truck to come to your location. You can often collect that information from a GPS or Maps application on your phone or look for nearby street sciences or landmarks. Make a note of the time that you called them and ask them how long they are likely to be.

5. Take Valuables With You

As you are leaving the vehicle, make sure that you have all valuables items with you. This would be your keys, wallet, phone, any jewellery, or items of value that you might forget about once the car has been towed. Whilst the tow truck company is responsible for the towing and secured delivery of your vehicle, they are not responsible for any loss of personal belongings. If your car has groceries, equipment, or too many items to take with you, take photos and videos of the contents as evidence of what was in the vehicle before it was towed.

6. Avoid Lifts From Strangers

If you have broken down in a rural area or it is late at night, it can be tempting to accept a ride from a stranger who politely offers to help you. A part of keeping safe whilst waiting for a tow truck is remaining vigilant about your surroundings and personal safety. You do not know the intentions of the stranger and it is recommended that you decline any unsolicited rides or tows. If a tow truck stops to help you and you are unsure if they are the company you called, check the company’s details to be certain.

7. Keeps Your Phone Charged and Food Handy

Sometimes it can be hours before a tow truck is able to reach you and therefore, it is important that you keep your phone charged or don’t drain the battery so you can still call for help if needed. As a general rule, having emergency items in your vehicle at all times is a good idea and this can include:

  • Non-perishable Foods
  • Toilet Paper
  • First Aid Kit
  • LED Flashlight
  • Blanket / Towel
  • Jump Starter Leads

Knowing what to do when a breakdown occurs can reduce the level of stress from the situation and being prepared by following the seven tips above can keep you safe in the event of a breakdown.

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