11 Legit And Creative Ways To Earn Some Extra Money

Having some extra money in your wallet not only feels good, but it also helps as an emergency cash pump for you. As the pandemic left a massive impact on the economy, it helps to have some extra cash handy. If you are wondering how to earn those extra bucks, you have come to the right place. Here are 11 legit ways to earn extra cash.

1. Sell Your Junk Car.

Amazingly, you can earn a handsome amount of money if you know how to sell a non running car. Don’t worry; it’s very easy. If you own a used car which is on the verge of giving up or is a useless junk car, you can sell it to junk car buyers to get some good cash. Many used and junk car buyers pay in cash on the spot if you plan to sell your car. You can also use that money as a down payment for your new vehicle.

2. Sell Your Old Clothes

Do you have a heap of old clothes that don’t fit you or are not in fashion anymore? You can sell those old clothes and get yourself some extra money. You’ll be surprised to know how much money you can get after selling an old tuxedo or a wedding dress. Numerous consignment stores can pay in cash on the spot or once they sell your clothes on behalf of you. You can also choose websites that buy used clothes. All you have to do is click some good pictures of your clothes and don’t forget to price them competitively.

3. Put Your Skills to Work

If you think you have creative skills that can benefit someone, you can start freelancing. There are various sites like Fiverr, which are an excellent platform for freelancers to connect with clients and brands who might be interested in your work. Whether it is writing, graphic designing, or sound editing, you can earn some serious money through freelancing.

As the world is shifting to a work-from-home culture, freelancing can be a great way to earn some extra money with the help of your skills. You can create your portfolio and profile on freelancing sites that potential clients can see to check your work, rates, and experience.

4. Manage Social Media Handles of Local Brands

You must have come across many small shop owners and local businesses trying to establish their online presence. If you have a knack for generating engaging and relevant content on social media, you can offer your expertise to such businesses and charge fees for it. Being a social media manager is a practical side hustle that you can do to support your income.

With the rising use of social media networks, you can help brands reach more customers and attain new business goals. You can also take various free digital marketing courses to improve your skills free of cost and get a certification to make your claim stronger.

5. Sell Your Photographs and Videos

If you are a photographer or have a digital camera that takes nice enough photos, you can earn some cash with your photography. All you need to do is check relevant websites that pay you for your pictures and videos. Many businesses use these websites to buy photos and videos for their use, and you get paid if anyone buys them.

Generally, such websites work on 50-50 profit sharing. If you think you click good pictures and shoot some fantastic videos, then pick up that camera and revive that inner shutterbug in you.

6. Deliver Food for Local Restaurants

The pandemic left a significant impact on the lives of people worldwide. Due to the new social distancing guidelines, many restaurants and food joints have opted for home deliveries rather than dine-ins. If you have a bike, motorcycle, or car and are willing to earn some extra money, you can deliver their food to their customers. You can also sign up for deliveries of businesses like Amazon and Uber Eats. Their payment rates are consistent and competitive.

7. Be A Dog Sitter or a Dog Walker

Do you love dogs? If yes, have you ever wondered if you could earn some cash while spending some time around adorable canines? Many dog owners find it difficult to carry their dogs around wherever they go. That’s why they hire a dog sitter to look after their dogs while they are away. Some old folks with pets also look for dog walkers who can walk their dogs on their behalf as they cannot do it due to their age. If you are a dog lover, working as a dog walker or dog sitter can earn you some good money while playing and spending time with dogs.

8. Do Babysitting

Babies are adorable. If you are good with them and love spending time with them, you can look for a babysitting gig that can fetch you some good money. Many parents find it challenging to look after their kids due to their busy schedules and hefty work. You can also create your listings on sites like craigslist to get more babysitting opportunities. You can take up some free or paid courses related to babysitting and childcare that would help you to make your job easier. The certifications also help you to stand out in the competition.

9. List Your Extra Room on Airbnb

If you have a spare room or a guest room that you are not using, you can list it on vacation rental sites like Airbnb. It can earn you some extra money. Make sure you clean the room thoroughly and take necessary permissions from concerned authorities.

10. Tutor Online

If you think you are good at a particular academic subject, you can teach other people online. Many online tutoring sites let individuals with specific domain knowledge work as online tutors on their platforms. The benefit of online tutoring is that anyone from the world can learn from you, which means you have more possibilities to earn money.

11. Sell Spare Parts of Your Junk car.

Even if you don’t know how to sell a non running car, you can take valuable spare parts from your junk car and sell them separately to different buyers. Selling spare parts will help you to fetch some extra money without much hassle.

These were some creative and legit ways to earn extra money as a side hustle or a career option. If you are serious about getting some extra cash, you can follow any of the above mentioned ways.

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