What are Some of the Best Road Legal Quad Bikes Available in the UK? 

For those people who think it’s illegal to run a quad bike on the road, it’s not – you just need to have the right type of quad.

To ride on UK roads legally, your quad bike needs to be approved for the road and meet road safety standards. You can usually find out this information from your manufacturer or apply for “type approval” if your bike meets safety standards but isn’t explicitly approved. For budding road drivers, the good news is there are plenty of great models from the top manufacturers available for road use, and we’ve picked out a few names for you think about below.

Are You Ready for the Roads?

Before we get into our pick of road-ready models, it’s important to be aware of the legal requirements you have a responsibility for beyond having a road-worthy quad to your name. A quick visit to the gov.uk page on the matter will tell you what’s needed:

  • The quad must be registered with the DVLA
  • You must have a full driver’s licence
  • Any quad older than three years requires an MOT certificate
  • You must have front and rear number plates
  • You must have third party insurance, although full quad bike insurance is recommended
  • A crash helmet is not a legal requirement in England, Scotland or Wales, but is legally required in Northern Ireland. Of course, a helmet is strongly recommended regardless of legality.
  • Passengers are permitted on quads capable of carrying them with the seats to do so.

Yamaha YFM700R

Yamaha offer plenty of excellent road-ready options, two of which feature in this article. The first on the list is their ultimate sport model, the YFM700R. Part of the popular Raptor family, the 686cc engine offers high quality, high performance ride, complemented by fully adjustable suspension and a handy reverse gear.

There is also the upgraded Special Edition (SE) model, which Yamaha claims is “built for the racers”. Just don’t take that too seriously when out and about.

Quadzilla Aeon Cobra 400

Quadzilla is the UK’s leading provider of road-legal quad bikes, and the Aeon Cobra 400 is described by the manufacturer as “the only true road legal sports quad on the market”.

Regardless of whether that’s a fair claim or not, the Aeon Cobra is certainly one of the better options out there, offering adjustable suspension with electronic fuel injection for increased torque and power, not to mention that all important reverse gear. Another string to the Cobra’s bow is its affordability, as Quadzilla are well known for offering a lot of bang for your buck with their bikes.

Yamaha Kodiak 700 EPS

The second Yamaha on the list, the Kodiak moves away from the previous sports models and offers an ATV option with quality road use capabilities. Definitely built to offer more function to its user, the Kodiak is capable of carrying and towing heavy payloads (140kg and 600kg respectively).

Offering both 2WD and 4WD functionality and power steering, the Kodiak is a great shout for anyone looking for an all-rounder – particularly farmers who need occasional access to roads.

Adly 600

Another ATV but from a lesser-known brand, the Adly 600 is a 600cc option with both 2WD and 4WD capability, aiming to offer the same sort of build quality as the bigger guns but at an affordable entry level price.

If the likes of Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki options are stretching your budget a little far, the Adly 600 is your pocket-friendly alternative.

There are countless quality road-approved quad bikes to choose from, ranging from high-end models from the world’s most revered brands through to budget options from lesser knowns that pack a punch. If you do end up investing in a road ready quad, just remember to fulfil the requirements necessary to enjoy your new quad on the road legally.

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