What Are the Most Expensive Car Repairs?

When you’re facing car repairs, the costs can be intimidating.

However, car repairs typically aren’t something you can avoid. Ultimately having something not working the way it should on your car puts you at risk of being in an accident. It also puts your passengers and other people on the roads at risk too.

So, what are the most expensive car repairs? By knowing what to expect, at least you can plan accordingly.

Some of the most expensive potential car repairs include the following.

Replacing or Repairing Cylinders

Cylinders are part of your engine. A cylinder has a piston, which moves up and down when your engine is operating. You’ve probably heard engines classified by their number of cylinders. Four-cylinder is the most common type of engine.

If one of your cylinders isn’t working, then your engine isn’t working.

Replacing a cylinder can cost upwards of $8,000.

The reason for the high cost is because there’s a lot of labor that goes into taking apart an engine to replace just one cylinder.

If your car is older, then it’s rarely a good idea to have this repair done. The cost is likely to exceed the value of your vehicle.

You might opt to replace the entire engine instead.

Replacing your engine can be anywhere from $3,000 up to $10,000.

You may even decide that it’s not worth any of the costs associated with engine trouble, so you could just buy a new car instead.

You can pretty easily get a decent used car for what you might pay for a new engine or even to repair your existing engine.

Transmission Replacement

The worst news you can get, aside from engine problems, is often that your transmission is having an issue.

A transmission can be up to $5,000 to replace.

Again, this can be one of those situations where depending on your vehicle’s age, it’s not even worth it to replace.

If your transmission isn’t working the way it should, it makes your wheels unable to turn.

Your transmission is one of the more complex components in your vehicle, and it also experiences a lot of wear and tear because of friction and heat.

Some of the signs you might be facing a transmission problem include slipping gears, a humming sound when your car is parked, or a burning smell.

As soon as you notice signs that could indicate a transmission problem, you should take steps to repair it because it’s likely to cost less when the problem is smaller and less significant.

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Hybrid Batteries

If you have a hybrid vehicle and need to replace your battery, prepare for a pretty massive expense. They can be up to $6,000.

Typically, the batteries in hybrid cars on the market right now die before you reach the 10-year point of ownership.

When you replace the battery, you may also have to replace your car’s computer system.

Hybrid cars haven’t become as popular as some had hoped because of this glaring possible expense.


If you get into an accident, you might then have to replace your airbags if they deploy during said accident. You’ll have to consider these costs in addition to the other repairs your car might need.

Airbags can cost anywhere from $2,500 to $4,000 to replace.


The suspension of your vehicle is what keeps you from feeling all those bumps in the road.

Your suspension system is made up of shocks, springs, control arms, struts, and more.

If you lose just one component, it’s not that expensive. If you need an entirely new suspension system, count on paying several thousand dollars.

Catalytic Converter

Catalytic converters are now added to vehicles in an effort to make them more eco-friendly. A catalytic converter transforms bad emissions into safer ones.

If you need a new one, you might pay around $1,500 and potentially more. They usually can’t be repaired and instead have to be replaced.

Finally, if you need new brakes, those don’t tend to be that expensive. The brake line, on the other hand, can be expensive. The brake line is responsible for carrying fluid to the brakes.

You may need to replace the entire thing rather than repairing it, and it’s one of those repairs that you can’t overlook because without functioning brake lines, you should not drive your vehicle at all.

The best thing to do to avoid these costly repairs is to make sure you regularly maintain your vehicle and keep an eye out for anything that might be amiss.

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