Mercedes-Benz Vito: The Perfect Car for Work

Mercedes-Benz’s commercial vehicles are well known for their practical solutions, design and comfort. The most popular one, the Vito, is now available as an electric car, and we have taken a look at it. Read on to learn more about this car!

Great German Design

Mercedes-Benz Vito is a practical commercial vehicle with noise reduction, four-wheel drive and wonderful comfort. The perfect van for both your business and personal operations.

Vito is available for purchase in a total of 73 different variants, and you can choose between automatic transmission and manual transmission. You can also get the latest models as electric cars.

Mercedes-Benz Vito

Design and luxury

The Mercedes-Benz Vito is a medium-sized van with four doors and three seats. It’s a very convenient sized car when you need a little extra space or something for daily use and shipping. It’s not one of the largest cars but is considered among the mid-range of car models on the market.

Luxury is always a fact when you talk about Mercedes-Benz, and the Vito is, of course, no exception. The Vito is very comfortable to drive with an astonishingly exclusive steering wheel. It has great design work that gives it a pleasant look when runs on the road.

The car also offers good noise cancellation and comfortable suspension. Not to mention that the 190 hp undoubtedly ensures good acceleration and good progress.

190 Horsepowers

It’s the combination of the 2.1-litre with 190 horsepower connected to Mercedes’ 7GTronic automatic transmission, which is a lovely match.

Furthermore, the gear selector at the wheel rotates from 1400 to 1400 on all four wheels.

Very Good Comfort

With good comfort and operation on all four wheels, this car delivers in almost all conditions. It feels more like a passenger car than its previous predecessors.

The comfort makes driving this van a very good experience. Whether it is the driving position that can be adjusted electrically by the lower back or the leather steering wheel which is normal to expect from a Mercedes car.

One of the more impressive things about comfort is the noise reduction the car provides. While driving, you will rarely hear any road noise, wind noise, or engine noise.


It should be mentioned that the four-wheel drive is only supplied with the 7-speed automatic transmission. If you have faith in manual gearing, you must choose between pure front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive.

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The Vito comes with a safe and stable bodywork and car glass that meets all of the safety standards and requirements. The electronics provide good and safe solutions for the car. While driving, 55 percent of the torque is transferred to the rear wheels, while the remaining 45 percent is sent down the asphalt via the front wheels. If one of the wheels starts spinning, the forces are distributed to the wheels that have the best grip so that the car always has the best possible grip.

The system 4ETS comes on track when one or more wheels lose grip. It turns on within milliseconds and brakes the wheels individually and sends the torque to the wheels with a good grip. Because you’ll always need a good amount of spin to run on snow or off-road terrain, the wheels will not slow down until they stop.

Driving stability is good. In addition, several Vito cars are equipped with a system that helps the car to crawl down abnormally steep slopes. To make it as easy as possible for the driver, you control the speed with the same lever you control the speed of the cruise control. After adjusting the speed, you just have to concentrate on steering and releasing the accelerator.

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