Types of Automobiles

In our day to day life we come across different types of automobiles but we exactly don’t know how many types of automobiles are present in the world. In this article I am going to tell you about their types.

Types of Automobiles

The different types of automobiles are classified on the
following basis:

Types of Automobiles


    According to the purpose the vehicles are classified as passenger vehicles and goods vehicles. The vehicles which carries passengers are called as passenger vehicles and those carries materials or goods are called as goods vehicles. Some of the examples of these vehicles are given below.
1. Passenger vehicles: Car,
Bus, Jeep, Auto-rickshaw.
2. Goods vehicles: Truck.


According to the capacity the vehicles are classified as light motor vehicles and heavy motor vehicles. The light motor vehicles can able to carry light things and are also less in size and weight. But the heavy motor vehicles can carry very heavy materials and possess large mass and are bigger in size.
1. Light motor vehicles: Motorcycle,
Car,  Scooter.
2. Heavy motor vehicles: Bus,
Tractor, Truck.

Fuel used

On the basis of the fuel used the vehicles can be divided into petrol vehicles, diesel vehicles, electric cab, steam carriages and gas vehicles.
1. Petrol vehicles: Car,
Motorcycle, Jeep, Scooter.
2. Diesel vehicles: Truck,
Bus, Tractor, Car.
3. Electric cab: Fork
lift, Battery truck.
4. Steam carriages: Steam
road roller.
5. Gas vehicles: CNG

Number of wheels

According to the number of wheels the vehicles are classified as two, three, four, six and eight or more wheelers.
1. Two -wheeler: Motorcycles,
Scooter, Moped.
2. Three -wheeler:Tempo,
Road roller.
3. Four -wheeler: Car,
Bus, Jeep, Tractor.
4. Six- wheeler: Truck,
Bus, Gun carriage vehicle.
5. Eight- or more wheelers: Car
transporting vehicle, Rocket transporter.

Drive of the vehicles

According to the type of drive the vehicles are classified as single-wheel, two-wheel, four-wheel and six-wheel drive vehicle.

1. Single-wheel drive vehicle.
2. Two-wheel drive vehicle.
3. Four- wheel drive vehicle.
4. Six-wheel drive vehicle.

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